Switching animations

Hello I am trying to make a custom animation for the generic necromancer class and I am wondering if there is a step by step I should go through in order to do this. I am trying to replace the animation down below with the generic necromancer essentially its just the necromancer doing everything the animation is doing. Mystic%20Sheet%204 Mystic%20Sheet%205 Mystic%20Sheet%206
Mystic%20Sheet%207 Mystic%20Sheet%208 Mystic%20Sheet%209 Mystic%20Sheet%2010

I am trying to replace the Mystic sage critical animation from FireShrine with a necromancer.

  1. For future reference, if you wish to edit an animation use FeBuilder to dump the frames, as png images, not like that.

  2. I don’t believe Blazer/Whoever made the animation F2U(Free to use), so I’m not sure you’d be allowed to do this. (Correct me if I’m wrong)

Edit: Added an example Image/explanation for 1

Open “Class Editor”
Click on the animation you want to export
Click “Animation pointer”
Go to the bottom of the animation page(Pic above) and click the button in the red square
Find the place you want to save it, and then change the “Save as type” drop down to “Dump all”