Surprises during your own Playtesting

More random questions and thoughts thread, Yay! Mainly I post these because It’s happened a few times in my hacking and I wanna hear others experiences with it.

Anywho as creators we should know everything that usually goes on in our games, but there is always surprises you forgot you added. Or something crazy happened that wasn’t supposed to be.

Example: More then once I’m afraid sometimes I playtest several chapters in a row, and accidently get one of my people killed, and somehow just skip over their deaths. Whether it was a savestate from another day, or just skipping through enemy turns they just die. And I don’t realize it till later. Wondering where one of my people went, checking everything to realize holy crap he’s dead. Never not funny.


Example 2: My Armory event somehow took the same place as one of my characters faces. So it replaced it with this monstrosity.

Portrait Editor FE - The Last Royal.gba_3@03 _8ACC18

So now I get this scary face sometime when editing, cause it’s in the second slot which is Seth? So this figure pops up alot and it’s kinda creepy tbh.


Example 3: Messing with growths I had an issue where there is mini bosses in my game called Officers. Who look like standard FE lord sprites (eliwood hector etc), and with their growths somehow it ended up being they had maxed stats and It took a long time to figure out how to undo it. But until then fighting a 50HP 25all stat unit with a Rapier at chapter 8 was… an adventure.

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I’m often surprised when I’m testing it and it works



Again, the category of this post is wrong–
This should be in community because this is not related to hacking question at all.

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I’m usually surprised at how boring or unbalanced my gameplay is. I either kill everything by turn 5 and there’s nothing left to do (and half a map) or so unbelievably crushed by enemies it seems unfair.

I guess if there’s anything that really surprised me recently it’s how I managed to turn enemy soldiers from goombas to overly buff and bulky enemies that single-handedly like 2HKO’d all of my player units and it took at least 3-4 of them to kill soldiers in return.

I was once playtesting a bigger map with a chokepoint on the right side of the map. I sent my most reliable cavalier to deal with the enemy unit occupying the chokepoint when my cavalier suddenly missed 2 98% hits in a row… That was quite the experience.

In the new chapters, aside from a minor mistake of not having the stage gimmick work correctly(!), I’ve had a lot of problems with enemy strength and density.
This is like seasoning a dish, it is quite difficult.
I often add too much salt or too much sugar.
I have to taste and adjust many times.
This is a tedious task, but it can’t be helped.

Also, I have a very high typo rate, and I’ve received nearly 100 typo errata from players. :laughing:
When I play by myself, I never notice it.


How easy it is to broke everything up
“Oh, mages seems weak, lets add a little bit of growth-”
Lvl 15 enemy mage with capped magic and 16 speed
Oh god lets go back to-
Lvl 15 mage with 5 magic and 6 speed

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Super accurate. One small change and they are weak as needles.

Testing Arena is always… horrible lol. My dude with 20speed being doubled like by everyone including armors is crazy and I’m terrified.

The enemy fliers becoming smart enough to proc Triangle Attack even though SRPG Studio didn’t come with one and the plugin for it doesn’t tamper with their behaviour.
It’s a very welcomed surprise, though.


I game-overed in my Ch1 when my main Lord got hit by a javelin from a Cav and a very lucky Fighter. She’s the typical sword Lord.


I accidentally tied one of my custom classes to the armorslayer, this class has like 100+ hp since it’s both the final boss’s class and the class of the lord for one chapter early on

you can imagine my surprise when a random wight brings the guy’s hp down from 100 to 0 slowly, I had animations turned off to so it all happened before I could actually see the glowing weapon or damage value

I could NOT figure out for the life of me why setting stat’s in febuilder was strange!

So i was testing a chapter in my romhack, everything was fine until i got to the boss.

He was a level 7 knight and thank’s to me not researching enough on how febuilder works!

he had max defense! and, somehow i still beat him.(It was on chapter 4 btw)

Man it freaked me out! I thought i broke something! But! I figured out the problem.

It still suprises me how i beat him…

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I never realised how powerful bonewalkers can be early on. They give my magic jaigen who can deal X3 dmg against them a hard time. my myrmadon can’t double them which is his whole thing.

Setting skills is weird…
I changed a bunch of things in the Eirika Lord class slot,
And for some reason a random class slot (0xFE) started spawning in all the maps. Crashed the game when interacting with it to. I just ended up removing it lol.