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I was a bit bored so i decide to imagine what if x character join your party? What support conversations should have? I have only played fe7 so I decided to choose a enemy and choose Puzon ( its kinda of funny) so what supports do you imagine that he can have? Apart from Raven maybe, what other characters would have something in common with him to talk ( or the contrary, to not have nothing in common so they clash together apart from the lords)?
I even wrote a recruitment with Matthew ( its not perfect, it needs a rewrite but I hope that you like the idea )

"Puzon: Heh. Looks like you’ve breathed your last!
Hey you’re not going to draw out your sword? What do ya want?
Matthew: Puzon it’s your name, right? I got a question for you, why do you hate nobles so much?
Puzon:… They are so noisy and corrupt and they tend to meddle a lot in another people matters with stupid pretexts like being hero or the right thing to do. That thing really sicks me! For not to say that they live off their parents name a lot to justify their privileges!
Matthew: Yeah, that’s right of most nobles… But some of them can be quite different so why don’t try to join us? We really need a mighty hand like yourself in this journey and also i’m sure that the future reward would be most striking for a mercenary like yourself.
Puzon : Ha! Typical noble nonsense! I don’t believe any of your fuckin’ words. Enough talk, lets fight!
Matthew: BUT why don’t give it a try? The reward it’s high, so you have nothing to lose.
Puzon:… Don’t you understand any of my words? NO! , I would be better be dead than to serve a Lord.
Matthew: well… Why dont try to settle this with a coin toss? If its tails I join you but if Its face you join us. Dont tell anyone but apart from lockpicking and the sort I can watch people from afar and do recoignanze missions and the sort.
Puzon:Hmmm a spy? Heh a spy offering his services to me? Very temptin’. Well I really don’t care about this buncha of guys, I’m only here for the money and I can really take use of a stealth hand on my line of work. Well lets do this, tails and you join me.
Matthew:… Face! Its your time to do the part of the bargain. Don’t worry, serving a lord its not so bad like it seems, specially this one.
Puzon:Ugh! No choice…wait! This is a fake coin… I was cheated!! Well i cannot said that I don’t like your style…for not to say the money involved, very well, I, the mightiest of all of Sacaen mercenaries, Puzon, shall strike your foes down! "

What do you think about it? All ideas are welcome :slight_smile:


How about Puzon and Eliwood.

Hmm since fe has a tendency to make lord recruit most units so recruitement with Elwood
Elwood:Ahh a bandit…
Puzon : here comes another noble come
fight me you weakling.
clash survive in 1hp
Puzon : go on finish me.
Elwood: well u dont seem like aperson who is bad so (go leave this battle field/run * choose either fill in the blanks like in test lol *)
Puzon : u are different from other nobles well since u have won i will join u.
joins in 1hp would be funny if died on without even a single exp gain tho on the enemy phase ngl so give him hp as per ur wish
What makes it perfect is it shows Eliwoods personality really well ( kind and willing to avoid killing)


Kinda long ngl

Oh good idea, i like that ( Also i dont imagine Lyn recruiting him due to her hate of bandits )
I will rewrite some of the final sentences:
Puzon: Go on, finish me scum! Ugh!
Eliwood: …I will better get going, please dont throw your life away aimlessly ( he goes away)
Puzon: WHAT?! Another noble playing hero, huh? Well to tell the truth the job with the bandits its a sinking ship…Also all the lords usually are stuffed on money… Ugh! There is no other way! Well, well, I join you, happy now?

Also a small conversation with Eliwood:
Puzon: Hey, Eliwood! Why when do you fight you look so hesitant? This is a battlefield, ya know, your kindness would be your ruin someday! You have to use every means to win the battle!!
Eliwood: I…I dont like killing people, when i think about all the memories, life experiences that a person has and to snatch away from them, for not to say the pain of the others of losing someone, I wonder how much far I can go…
Puzon: Huh?, I understand, however after a while, you dont feel anything. After all, a job its a job, and the only thing that im skilled its the way of the sword.
Eliwood: I see…

Apart from the lords, what of the secondary characters do you imagine a support conversation? I wrote a support with Puzon and Serra for comical belief, maybe later I will show it

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Puzon and Heath.

Does it have to be Puzon? Can just use other fe7 bosses to? Like Eubans Bernard and Teodor?

the EK lore continues

Well I tend to feel confortable to write about him however I can give a try with anothers.
Eubans its not so difficult to imagine, let me see if this it appeals to you:


( only available if you have recruited

Heath and you talk to him with HĂ©ctor)

Eubans: Hmmm a lord? It makes more easy to finish my job with you here. En garde!

HĂ©ctor: Hey dumbass! Are you really sure of that? Laus lord has abandoned you and you have nowhere to go, so surrender now or face my axe. Heath told me everything of your situation.

Eubans: you little…! And that traitor!! I have pride and by my pride I wont surrender. Also I cannot abandon my men.

HĂ©ctor: thats what I thought so I swear by my name HĂ©ctor of house ostia that I will spare you and your men if you surrender. Or do you really want to sacrifice all your group for pride?

Eubans:… Very well, in representation of my men, I surrender. Also as a token of gratitude I will join your cause for a awhile, I have nowhere to go and the law its following me…

Hector: Dont worry, house ostia will protect you and your men!

Also im not well versed in the lore of fe7 and fe6 so it can become something hard to write about teodor, however i think that he can join with help of Canas, also seeing that he is losing the battle he surrenders so he can continue studying the dark arts, he is only using the black fang to acess some places normally restricted to him maybe and to study the dark arts more in depth.

Finally, im bad for acronyms but what does it means “EK”?


Ya Lyn won’t even talk to him straight up massacre if she sees a bandit.
But She might because in the chapter where will( the archer) joins she tries to end without a fight if i am not wrong.

EK means Emerald King, He is well known for submitting OCs at Pmes, A lot.


Oh I see, i dont see nothing wrong on submitting OCs on Pmes ( im very new to the concept of Pmes though ) I wonder if EK makes the sprites also or he uses another sprites?
Also i tried doing a portrait, it had green hair but with the color reduction it turned bad :confused:
I know that needs rework and that the made-up details look strange on him but its my first try :confused:

A final two puzon conversation: ( so i dont overuse him )

Puzon: hmm certainly your stick can do wonders, surely I cant use it too? It can come in handy for my line of work.
Serra: Its a ROD! Not a common stick, a R. O. D! A HOLY one in fact and only people who seeks the gods can use it.
Puzon: If you were less loudmouth I would consider you as a suitable partner for your free healing.
Serra: Loudmouth?! free?! Who said that was free? I charged for it, you should be thankful that I used this marvelous HOLY ROD on a lowly thug like yourself.
Puzon:… Im a Mercenary not a lowly thug, M. E. R. C. E. N. A. R. Y
Anyway the next time i wont cover you of enemy atttacks, so start saying your prayers. Later!
Serra:wait! I havent finished with you! Erk will protect me, sure erk?
Erk:… Did you say something?
Serra: Ugh…

Puzon: Nom Nom Nom, heh nothing its better than a beer and a leg of meat after a long day of work at the battlefield.
Serra: Work? I mean i understand your view but its not too frĂ­volous to call it work? Also what about lord hector or lord elliwood father?
Puzon:heh, do you really think that im here only for findin that damn lord? Nope, im here for the future reward, the lords are always stuffed on money, or do you think that I offer my services for free?
Serra:… Certainly you are a lowly thug if I recall well.
Puzon: how many times I have to said to you? M. E. R.C.E.N.A.R.Y!!
Serra: Well if you act less like a thug and more like a gentleman, maybe my opinion would change and maybe then a girl of this camp would be interested in yourself.
Puzon:… Im all ears.
Serra: Well you should start adressing lord hector and lord elliwood as a lord, also you should adress me as Lady Serra. Also dont eruct while eating, that its very unpolite and talk in a more friendly way and less brash way. Thats all I can think right now, you should start thanking me for taking the time for teaching you some basic manners.
Puzon: Heh, oh Lady Serra im SO thankful that you have teached me some manners. Im so moved about it that I will cry. Dont you wanna a cup of tea?
Serra:… “sigh” this man really never learns…

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Pd: How I can attach a photo? It says “Sorry you cant embed media items on a post”

I tried to do a archer with helmet, how is it? Also some tips to improving the shading and the details made up by hand? This is my first try though, I combine pieces from Will, Cameron and Glass.
I tried to do a imaginary custom chapter that acts as a sequel of fe7, maybe I will post it later because im running out of ideas on how to continue it :confused:

He should honestly make a fangame at this point because he has so many OCs that it could work


the Lord: Amber, a princess who is thrown into a war-torn land with nothing but a tome in hand.

Retainer: Merrin, Amber’s confidant, and eventual lover come from a Tribe.

And then you got the kids from the future disguised as someone else.