Supply unlock chapter

Does anybody know how to set a custom chapter for when the supply is unlocked? In vanilla fe8, the supply is unlocked starting chapter 2, but I’d like to delay this until chapter 4. And I don’t just mean the supply map command as I could disable that via “disable menu item”, but I’d also like to disable the ability to send weapons to the convoy when your inventory is full (via shops or a droppable item) until chapter 4.

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If I remember correctly, in the skill system patch the access to the supply is a skill, I’m not sure how it’s done, but maybe there’s a way to make the unit to learn the skill through events? So they start out without the supply and gain it when you want them to.

That only applies to the supply command, which I can already disable via the “disable menu item” in an event. I need a way to disable the ability to send excess items to the convoy, esentially forcing you to discard any excess items. The game already does this for the first 2 chapters and chapter 5x, but I need a way to extend it to chapter 4.

Check the supply-related patches in builder, I believe at least one covers setting supply/send to supply being available on a chapter by chapter basis.

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Yes, you’re right. It seems the “set whether transporter can be used for each map” patch also extends to sending to supply. Judging by the wording, I had assumed it was related to preventing a Merlinus-style unit from being deployed on certain maps, but it’s actually exactly what I needed. Thanks.