[Super FEXP] Having trouble with some specific text

So, Super FEXP has descriptions like those on units’ stats.

The main menu is also has the difficulties named ‘RAGE’ and ‘wimp’. I’d like to know how I could change these back. I’ve looked in the scripts for quite a bit and haven’t found any to change the menu buttons and the status descriptions. Wat do?

Those were still changed ? Weird.

Go into the scripts and do a ctrl+shift+f search for the terms, you’ll find them somewhere.

Oh, thanks. I thought you could only do searches on every individual script but there was a way to search through every single one, huh. That means I wasted some hours of my life looking for it like a retard when I could have done it in a few seconds. Thanks again!

I’m not sure if I should create another thread or not, but anyway, I’m running into an error when my Wyvern Rider dies (on the exact moment his HP hits 0 and he’s about to play the despawn animation inbattle)

Seems to be related to face graphics but I’m not sure what’s wrong, because the spritesheet is exactly like my others. Other characters can die fine.

I haven’;t touched any form of FEXP in like 5 years, neither has Yeti. I remember almost nothing about it. :confused:

Guess I should get hacking GBA roms then, they’re very troublesome to learn which is why I decided to go after FEXP instead. Thanks for answering anyway.

If you’re willing to wait, FEXNA is coming eventually too. It’s like FEXP but 100x better.

Oh, neat. I just might wait then. Thanks for informing me, I’ll be waiting!

Also, will it be just as easy? RPG Maker XP is a pretty easy tool to work with, but I’m not sure how XNA works ata ll.

It’s way easier than FEXP. The initial setup was somewhat troublesome but once you get past that, it’s a cinch.

Plus you can import animations from FEditor. Can’t do that with FEXP.

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Awesome!! I’ll be waiting! Hopefully it doesn’t take too long!

… Riiiiight?

It’s been in dev for around 5 years, but who knows? I think it’s nearing completion, but it might take a while longer??

sorry for necroposting, but yeah. That thing with waiting for FEXNA did not really work,right?