Super Basic RNG Simulator: Fire Emblem Style

This is my first thing made in Excel, here’s a link for it in Google Docs! :grinning:
Super Basic RNG Simulator: Fire Emblem Style

Don’t rate it too seriously. :smile:
You may PM me or Reply as a Linked topic for requests and suggestions!

P.S. Planning to add more stats soon.

Update! Added the “Skill” stat, so you should start waiting for more!

I don’t mean to be rude, but what exactly is this useful for?

This is basically a simulation of the damage calculator which are in the GBA games.

Edit: 103 views? Very nice! I should now start working on this a bit more!

Double post?..

Update! A list of all the outcomes added, have fun! :wink:

Probably add a “true hit” category

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Hm… Maybe… I just need to add luck and also learn how does it work…
Thanks for the tip!