Sup fellow gamers

So I’ve been out of the loop on FE hacking for the past uh, 5-6 years. Any new projects that are good? Any of the old ones that actually got completed?
need info here bros.

There’s a big list of romhacks to browse. In 2017, a tool called FEBuilder was invented which demolished the old barrier to entry. Now there’s a massive amount of hacks. Of the new hacks, Vision Quest is the one that gathers the most praise.

oof they removed the link to ghebfe. was wanting to relive some of that cringe.
Thanks though, any recommendations?

Might as well play them all.

GhebFE was removed due to a policy with something something “inclusive environment” with hacks that started some months ago, although if you look around you’ll eventually find GhebFE and Duo Geno Escapo.


I won’t dispute that, but I’ve not heard anything about Vision Quest; most of the random praise that falls upon my ears is towards Justice and Pride, Four Kings, and The Last Promise. To be fair though, I keep odd company.

Aight boys over 200 rom hacks to play let’s go
GhebFE thrived off of offensive humor. It’s goal was to be offensive. Considering the reception it got, think it did it’s job pretty well. Though the difficulty in it was major bullshit at times. If you don’t arena abuse early game with your units you’re basically fucked.

Never heard of vision quest, justice and pride, or the four kings. So I’ll check them out. I fully completed the last promise, post game too.

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yeah and it isn’t 2008 so that doesn’t fly anymore

i would certainly look into the aforementioned projects though

if you’re looking for good projects that haven’t been completed yet but are hype, try:

  • faith and blood
  • sacred echoes
  • legends of avenir
  • hiraeth: empyrean prophecy

also why did you not mention thwd, speaking of thwd i really gotta do my playthrough for fe vs thwd lol

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This is all I could think of once I saw the thread’s title