Summon Ability Question

So I am working with FEBuilder on Fire Emblem 8. I’ve changed the summoned unit to an Entombed because I want to have a necromancer. So far to my knowledge nothing is wrong, but I do get an ugly visual bug.

The portrait of the last character hovered is the one that appears. How do I make no portrait appear like vanilla Phantoms? I would appreciate any advice.


Update: when the Revenant dies and I use the summon skill again it summons nothing, so it is worse than I thought.


Why don’t you attach report7z?


This is because there are hardcoded checks in many functions (including the Item menu drawing function) to check if a unit is of the Phantom class, and if so, do not draw their portrait.

Here are some EA offsets for changing the check for the Phantom class to the unit ID 0x3F (used for Ewan’s summon in vanilla - Knoll uses 0x3E and Lyon uses 0x3B. You can change all the Summoned Units to 0x3F using a patch in FEBuilder.)

//Don't draw portrait on item select menu if unit is generic
ORG $22BE8
SHORT $6808 $88C0 $2800

//Remove hardcoded checks for phantom class - use 0x3F as summon unit ID
SHORT $6810 $7900 $283F
ORG $23046
SHORT $6811 $7909 $1C04 $293F
ORG $232C8
SHORT $6810 $7900 $283F
ORG $23F74
SHORT $6800 $7900 $283F
SHORT $6810 $7900 $283F
ORG $2403A
SHORT $6810 $7900 $283F
ORG $24096
SHORT $6810 $7900 $283F
ORG $2523A
SHORT $6810 $7900 $283F
ORG $25242
SHORT $6823 $7918 $283F
ORG $3122A
SHORT $6808 $7900 $283F

You’d also need to change the Trade, Give, Rescue and Take commands to block these commands by unitID rather than classID. (these are at $22F34, $25514, $228A4 and $2298C respectively).

Unfortunately this fix requires a bit of ASM hacking, but that’s how it goes when IS hardcodes all the summon stuff to one class :frowning:


You should not use anything but 0x51 class for summons.
There is an issue when your summon die the first time you can’t summon it back.
You can replace 0x51 with whatever you want tho.
Use 0x51.


Thank you report7z.

It seems that you will encounter this problem if you change the settings of the summoned class.
I forget that there are other items that must be changed.

The summoned class is

It must disappear when it dies.

Item exchange must be prohibited.

It is necessary to ban rescue.

For the time being, please don’t change the summoned class ID.
Do not change the summoned class ID 0x51 Phantom.

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Perhaps this also needs to be changed.

    080232CC 2851   cmp r0, #0x51

    08025366 2851   cmp r0, #0x51
        0802536E 2851   cmp r0, #0x51

Thank you for all the responses. They were very helpful. I resolved the issue by just switching over to the id 51.

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