Suddenly, SEVA streams FEGAM! (done - watch the archives!)

I have just been given a terrible (?) RPG Maker FE fangame, and, since I love me some ironic playthroughs, I’ve decided to stream it! I have faith that good times will be had. Planning to do it today (Wednesday)!

Time has been decided as 20:00 GMT, but you are still encouraged to vote in the poll below so I have more data for next time. (pay attention to timezones, this is GMT):

Oh and my channel:


All aboard the Gam Train. This gets the Darrman Seal of Approval.

Seva you don’t have to inflict such pain upon yourself!

Come on people, vote! I need more data than that to go on.

Time has been decided!
It’s gonna be 8 PM GMT (today!)
(That’s about 2 hours from the time this is posted.)

I kinda hoped for more votes in the poll, but the votes that I did get average to roughly that. Well, I’m aware that averaging isn’t always the best way to do this, but it I think it works in this case.

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Today’s stream is over, but tune in same time tomorrow for more epic JRPG goodness!

Here’s this stream as a video, for anyone who didn’t catch it:

Well, that didn’t take as long as I expected.
Anyway, with the end of stream 2, we’re now finished with what there is of this game!
Apparently Darr actually has a version which includes a little bit more content, which I may show off at some point if I’m bored, but for now we’re done with this game. However, there are more FE things I would like to stream, so expect another stream announcement soon™!

Oh, and here’s your video archive: