Struggle Implementing kill both bosses objective in FE8

Hey, first post here. I wanted to try my hand at turning FE8’s chapter 15 into a double boss kill and I’m struggling to see what’s gone wrong. I see no errors but I’ve never done much of anything with FE builder before so there may be something obvious I just am not seeing.

For reference I have established Eirika route and Ephraim boss kill flags to be the same for it’s respective boss at 26 for Call and 27 for Valter, didn’t think I needed to post all images establishing that.

Thanks for any help!


You’re checking if 0 is equal to 0, so it will always skip to the next label lol

Just switch one of those to result (I think it’s C) for each check and you should be gucc


Ah yes it was a really simple fix! Thank you it worked

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