Strong unit but with a big flaw (Devil´s Whim)

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Hey everyone : )

I need some help regarding a character-design and hope someone can help me.

For my hack that I m in the plans, I need a strong character, that is basically way overpowered than anyone else and can be compared to the enemies bosses.

For this, I basically gave him some good stats, but especially some insane POW (like 30+)
That means, he will one-shot almost everything (except bosses but also some of those)

Now I need a big flaw on why the player should not use this unit as often.

For this, I basically found two skills:

Fury: +2 Atk/Spd/Def/Res. Unit
takes 6 damage after combat.

This would always damage the Unit, the more the unit is used, the more damage he will get. Now you could say, it is easy to heal up, true that, but that s why I have a 2nd skill to counter that.

Devil’s Whim: This unit is cursed, but
the curse spreads to the enemy as well.
(31-Luck % chance of Devil Reversal).

With this, it might happen, that the strong units hits himself, and this is probably a one-shot as well.
Might not happen often, rarely, maybe never, but if it happens once, it s over as that unit counts as a “Lord”-unit, which leads to a Game-Over.

But this is way too strict, as mentioned, this will result in a one-shot death randomly. Due to the high damage output, the only way I could think of, was to increase his HP, so he will survive at least one Devil´s Curse on himself. But his damage output can reach over 40-45, and I dont want to increase his HP just for the cause of that, I want his HP around 30-35 instead, I also dont want to reduce his POW as that is one of his features.

Does anyone know a way to have an insanely strong unit, that has a big flaw, so that players needs to be extra thoughtfull on when to using the unit and when not?

thanks in advance : )

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Maybe give the unit low res and maybe make them swordlocked to make 1-2 range difficult to come across.
low res can also make this unit easy to balance, if you want them to fall off later on then you can just make the enemy units primarily use magic.

another way to nerf your strong units is with move, maybe give them 5 move or lower to only make them good for slow players and rescue droppers.

maybe give them piss poor growths and give most other units high growths so that they easily fall off later, just make sure to not give them insane weapon ranks like most Jagens.

these are just a few ways that I thought up, I may go back to this if I can think up more.


You could edit the recoil damage that fury gives to be higher, off the top of my head.


I would actually give him/her negative growth rates.
maybe lock them to a personal weapon that doesnt give weapon experience, which has 20 wt or something. you can also make it so they are unprompted, and dont ever promote.

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One idea could be that when you deploy him, the map get harder because there is some more powerful units on the enemy side. Either because of his background there is people wanting him dead and helping your enemy, or simply to represent that if you uses him on the map he can’t be offscreen to make sure that those kinds of reinforcement are dealt with beforehand

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thanks for the all the replies, appreciated it : )

I forgot to mention something, I will try to remove all kind of leveling, so my (small) cast will be the same stats/level as the join in.

low res actually sounds good, he could have a weakness due to some specific reason or something. Though I think, if he attacks the mages first, they probably still get one-shot
but still, I like this idea : )

The low movement is sadly not an option, he needs to be strong in the most offensive ways, movement is one of them

hmm, does this require coding? I m not sure if I saw some spot where I can actually edit skill. And I cant really code :smiley:

as mentioned above, the negative growth rates is sadly not possible as I want to remove leveling/promoting all together (if that is possible somehow in the FE-Builder)
the 20wt thing, what kind of negative trait would that have? making my unit much slower, or?

this does sound like a good story-thing to be hones, but I m not sure if I can actually make it logical to not make the small cast deploy that one unit, as he is quite important for the story and probably will have quite a lot of talking ongoing, so I think he has to be present


How about not only giving him low Res, but low Def as well? And give him like -50 evaion or something. That way he can be a Player Phase monster, but on enemy phase he is in danger

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If you set it up so that he can only use a handful of weapons that are exclusive to him, you can use the confiscate item patch and the silent give item patch to make it so that he only has a weapon on player phase. Just set up turn events so that all his weapons get taken away at the start of enemy player phase and given back to him at the start of every player phase.


I have multiple Ideas that could work.

  1. Give him super high EXP gain, so that he always gets a level when he attacks/kills, but also negative growths, meaning each attack will literally drain his power. You could also give him a promotion that increases his stats a bit again, but this would be just a temporary help, and the 19 extra levels he can get after promotion means he’ll be weaker at the end of it. Its a tradeoff basically.

  2. Make him leave the map after he kills an enemy, he will return again next map though. You could justify this lore wise by giving him a cursed teleportation ring, which causes him to teleport (offscreen) whenever he kills something. This would make you question if using his high power on one enemy would be worth the deployment slot. Could also be increased to 3 enemies or so if 1 is too low.

  3. Make his speed really slow so that many enemies double him, and give him really low skill, so he can actually miss. In essence this makes attacks somewhat gambly, if he hits, he hits hard, if he doesn’t hit, he gets hit hard. I dunno what type of class you were going with, but i immediately had to think of a Berserker, Cyclops or something like Warcraft 3’s Mountain Giants, big, bulky, slow. Although if his class was more something along the lines of a Paladin this one might not fit that much.

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thanks for all the replies again : )

hmm, yeah, this sounds good actually, make him weak in defense in general, need to find a reason for it too though, explaining “his curse”

this sounds a bit complicated, I m still in the baby-steps on trying to get to know FE-Builder, so I wanna keep the first projekt bit simple, but would be usefull store-wise though to be honest

the first idea I cant really do as i disable leveling in general (though I m starting to question this, because the negative grow would make things easier but I wanted to disable it only because I have no idea on how to balance things/enemies/grows etc., so no leveling is easier for my first hack)

the 2nd idea again sounds a bit difficult for me, also I think I need him on the map all the time storywise (he has to be deployed and if he dies, it s a game over)

maybe I could give him low speed, but slow skill sounds a bit unfitting for my character, as he is quick sword-user, compare-able with a swordsman, but if he doesnt kill the enemy, then he will get hit hard due to weak defense would be good maybe

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