Strength Magic Split

How do I get rid of the Magic stat for non magic users, and vice versa? Open to adding Pow as a stat, or just getting rid of one of the stats, based on the character and class.

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Which engine are you using ? Cause FEBuilder ( one of the most used here if not the most) there’s a patch that allows you to do that. Start/Mag split or something like that. Also the Skill System Patch has that patch included

I’m using FE8

By default non-magic users and magic users use the same POW stat, it just displays as Mag for mages and Str for others.

When you install skillsystems, by default it installs str/mag split. IDK if you can uninstall it later, but you should be able to. Also, if you’re sing a cstom build, you can opt to not install the str/mag split in the settings

The hack I’m using has both Mag and Strength. How do I change that in settings so it’s either Power or just Strength or Magic?

I checked and you can’t uninstall str mag split from FE Builder. You’ll have to make a custom build

any idea on how to do that?

An alternative would be u setting the strength stat to 0 on both growth and cap level

That’s definitely an option, but a clunky one. Justice and Price managed to have skills and Pow as a single solitary stat line. Not sure how he did it, but it’s definitely possible.

That’s the only good solution, really. You’ll need to install a custom build and turn the str/mag split off in the EngineHacks/Config.event file.

Anything else would involve making changes in about a hundred places, each with the risk of ruining your ROM.

This hack was old enough that it preceded the Str/Mag split existing within FEBuilder’s version of Skillsystem.