Story or Gameplay? Fehacks

  • Good Story but poor gameplay
  • Good Gameplay but poor story

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I want to know what the community prefers to see in fe hacks. A good story but a normal gameplay with nothing new or a improve and innovated gameplay but almost no story.

Imo i prefer a good and new Gameplay that brings me classes never seen before or rare and unique ways to play for than a game that has no touched the vanilla classes and it’s just another fire emblem with just a new story.

I mean. Both are important things to have on count but if the gameplay it’s bored to me I just stop playing it but if the story it’s no interesting but it is the gameplay i will play it yes or yes skipping the story.

We can skip the story to play the game
But we can skip the gameplay to see the story

Again that only my opinion and i really want to know yours. Please feel free to comment. Greetings Lukirioh

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Neither what
Why would we pick either option lol


Why would I play a Fire Emblem hack that is lacking in either category?

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it’s not Fire Emblem unless it’s lacking in both


It’s not fire emblem if it doesn’t have waifus

Waifus are the only thing that truly matters

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Listen mate “why make a story, when you can NOT do that” just sayin

I think story doesn’t work in fe gameplay it’s pretty annoying when something really big and important is happening then suddenly difficulty blocks you from continuing the hype

Considering Iron Emblem, and Journeys by Relic, even if you shouldn’t settle for either option, I’d have to say gameplay but not story.

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You should strive to have both. While yes, you can skip a bad story, there are already many projects that focus on gameplay over story so you’re going to have a harder time standing out if you neglect story for a sole focus on gameplay.

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Jokes aside since I’m planning to make a game I kinda want the conflict being over humanity being ruled over by gods with the good guy side believing humans shouldn’t be ruled over by a god and control their own fates while the bad guys believe the opposite with the bad guys reviving a god and having someone be a vessel for the them and such

I know it’s kinda a cliche plot idea and official games have similar plots but kinda like the idea probably should develop it more

Depends on what the creator prioritizes. Usually there will be an intended audience, and if we boil it down to these two subjects one will suffer more than the other if not done well.

If the story is the priority, whether it’s a serious story or a silly one, gameplay still needs to be balanced and not annoying to play. If its too hard (in “normal” difficulty), you lose players. If it’s too easy, you lose players. Maps are too large and enemies too few, you lose players. So on and so forth. People typically won’t finish the game if its not well designed, even if the story is very good.

If gameplay is the focus, then the gameplay will simply need to be decent at the very least. Good balance, class variety (both playable and enemy), map variety, etc. The intended audience would be more likely to ignore the story, and the audience wanting a good story will generally be more forgiving for a mediocre story if the gameplay is good. Might lose the latter if the story is bad or non existent though.

As in I need gameplay and story.



Superior story but bad game play or vice versa would be like having a functional foot and a literal peg leg like pirates

that is ideal yeah but ultimately I think Fire Emblem Relies on the gameplay to work. if the story sucks then yes people wouldn’t enjoy this part of the hack but just story and bad maps will fail faster imo. It’s like gameplay is the bread and story is the stuff in between in the fe hack sandwich. a sandwich without things in between is just bread, but at least you have bread. with just story you only have like a mess of things that fills the in between. both is needed for an outstanding hack but one can work better than the other if their pair doesn’t exist.

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unless the story lack of morality and full of authors’ fetish i don’t think people would mind the story

By their nature, RPGs typically have pretty repetitive gameplay in the sense that what the player is doing at the start of the game isn’t that different from the end. The location may be different, and he may have access to more abilities, but he’s still battling/exploring in much the same way as the start. So story is what motivates me to play in most RPGs. If I don’t care about what happens next or I don’t feel the stakes of the battle, I’ll often drop the game.

The only series where I don’t really care that much about the story is Pokemon, but that’s because the player exploring and raising different Pokemon becomes the story.