Stop AI from targeting Churches?

In the GBA FE games, the church tile exists but I believe is unused. I’ve added in churches to a few maps, but apparently the AI is programmed to target and destroy churches. When they do so, it seems to not automatically trigger a tile change, even if one is placed there from what I can tell.

As such, I was wondering if there was a way to get the AI to stop targeting churches? Alternatively, if there is a way to get the church title destruction to occur when they attack the tile, that will also be helpful.

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There’s a simple answer, presumably, of using renamed healing tiles. To Church, of course.
AI enemies with retreat AI will still want to go there to heal up, as usual, but at least they won’t blow em up.

I’d rather do something like that as a last resort.

Additionally, I felt it important to in part document this and see if a more ideal answer could be found in case someone in the future isn’t able to just rename a different unused tile.

Wait, churches exist? I never knew


There’s a bunch of odd unused tile categories in the files. Churches, C.Rooms (whatever they’re meant to be), “locked” bridges etc. They exist in each game - presumably they’re leftovers from an early build of FE6.

It does make you wonder what FE6 would’ve looked like if they’d kept in many of the cut features.

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I did not know the bridges exist either. Only that the bridgekey exists. When it Comes to C.Room, I just always assumed it stands for “closed room”.

What about ‘Convoy Room’? As in the supply buildings seen in FE1 and FE5

Could be. It would make sense as the other tile-types seem to have been lifted directly from FE5. In fact a lot of the original assets in FE6 are lifted from FE4/FE5, like the water tiles.