Statistically Corrected Growths

@Lamia you just gave me an idea. Growths that increase or decrease depending on the z-score of the stat (as opposed to its mean), so if your def is waaay below average, it gets bumped up, like +40%(of the growth rate, not an absolute amount) or something. Conversely, if str is a bit above average it get bumped down by 33%.

Okay, so here’s the plan.
z = (x-u)/o, and for a binomial distribution, o = sqrt(p*q/n)
In FE terms,
x = what your stat is now.
u = your stat’s base + levels gained * stat’s growth rate
p = growth rate of the stat
q = 1-p
n = number of levels gained.

For z=0, growths are as normal.
otherwise, you stats are adjusted to (1+(-z*.01))*p of the original. (possibly subject to change), capping at 100% and min-ing at 0%.

An example, let’s say Character A has a base 5 in strength(after class bases, I mean) with a 50% growth at level 1.
10 levels later, he’s at level 11, but has only gained strength twice, so he has 7 strength. Then his strength growth rate is now
x = 7
u = 5+10*.5 = 10
o = sqrt(.5*.5/10) = sqrt(.025) = .158
z = -3/.158 = -18.973
so his growth is now (1+(.18983))*.5 = 59.5% growth.

Note - the formula really needs tweaking. But this is the general idea.

idea --> possibly the growths are modified by normalcdf(.5, z)???

Also, what this does in the end is make stats that are more statistically stable (appropriate over large number of levels) while still allowing for some randomness.


So it’s kinda like Shadow Dragons’ dynamic growths?

Would this relate to the idea I had a few weeks ago relating luck stats boosting growths?
Conceptually I mean, I have no idea if in practice it’s remotely similar

No, the idea is that if you have lower-than-average in a stat, the growth gets kicked up a bit, and if you have more than average, the growth gets reduced a bit. It means that you tend to have closer-to-average stats, so more stable if you’re planning on having a hack allowing you to grow a ton of levels (like 3 tiers or something), but still allow for a good deal of randomness.

Ah, okay. I suppose it would be nice but it would take out some of the random fun… A cool idea nonetheless!

Well that’s the thing – it allows for somewhat more stable growth… while STILL leaving it MOSTLY up to random funness!

I’d like to have this implemented in Midnight Sun…

so sorta like pseudo-random distribution of stats

This sounds like it would be very helpful for anyone who gets RNG screwed! A boost to help lagging stats, and a little nerf to stats that increase too much. It would be interesting to see how units look at endgame!

I’d consider using it, but only if I could tie it to difficulty (Ie: only available on Easy, not on Normal or Hard).


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I think I would use this as a replacement for “Fixed Mode,” and allow the player to toggle it on/off in the prep screen. There’s enough of a trade-off in activating it; you get statistical improvement for units who have been getting screwed, and the blessed units would presumably struggle to gain stats at all. It’s better as a togglable in-game thing, in my opinion.