Starting Blazing Renaissance Development

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option reason

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Where vote is one of the following:
(1) Start production soon (this week or so) with no plans to showcase anything at FEE3.
(2) Start production soon (this week or so) with plans to showcase something or the other at FEE3.
(3) Wait until after FEE3, or perhaps later for a stabler build of BLAZING Shell, to start development.

Please only vote if you’ve been tagged in my first post here. You can still post and let me know you’re interested in joining, of course, then vote here.

Vote Counting:
(1) and (2) and added together and compared against (3). If (3) has more votes, it wins. If (1) and (2) have more votes, we will go with the one among those two that has more votes.


Because a lot of us already have projects going on that we’re trying to scrape together for FEE3.
Also, we need for reals polls

We’ll save it for a mid-year Fire Emblem Direct.

With a majority of 2-0…
Yeah, not gonna bother with formalities; Arch or some mod, you can delete this thread.

I’ll close, but keep for archival purposes. Sorry, I forgot to cast my vote ehehe.