Standing Map Sprite Glitch

Hi, All

I have a weird glitch with a custom standing map sprite. Im using FEBuilder which seems to work quite well. The glitched part is the 2nd and 3rd frame of the animation. I can’t find anything online about this or im just blind. Any help is appreciated.



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You didn’t provide much for us to work with there, can you show what the data for the animation looks like? both the graphics and the data in the editor.

Also going to recommend you to send report.7z before 7743 comes in and has to say it for the millionth time. There’s an option for it in FEBuilder, go into “File -> Create Report Issue” and follow the instructions. Then post it here or on Discord.


This. Based 7743 can help you with more than the rest of us with anything related to FEBuilder.
I also had a problem like this with the Tactician map sprite after importing it to 8 but it went away after I messed with it a few times so I don’t know how I did it. :sweat_smile:

Sure, you can have 7743 fix it for you… Or you can make the effort to understand the data the game needs so that this doesn’t happen to you again.


I was less trying to say that he should ask 7743 for help and more helping 7743 so that he doesn’t have to say it again. He’s mentioned how aggravating it is, and this is worded as an FEBuilder problem, so he’d definitely come in and say to send it.
Plus, if he came here and asked for help, saying that he’s checked everywhere, that probably means he can’t figure it out.

Well, that’s why I asked for the relevant data, there is no way we can help with just some screenshots of what the issue looks like.

And that’s what report.7z is for - we can look at it just as easily as he can. Assuming Khardros fills it out right, all the data would be in there, and we can look at it too.

Since the image is not useful for anything, send report 7z.