Stan dump

I wanted to do this for a little while. Here is going to be a bunch of old things I made and found. This is all stuff that was never released otherwise (I think).

I’ll add more if I find more.

IDBs (IDCs and SYM files)

For those that don’t know, IDA Pro is a powerful (and expensive, Ghidra is a free alternative) program that does binary analysis (it allows you to browse a complete disassembly of the file you’re analysing and provides helpful related tools). Here are some snapshots of my Fire Emblem IDA databases, either as IDC scripts or dumps in the form of SYMs. I’m not sharing IDBs directly as you could derive ROMs from those.


Entire Projects

If I ever posted a screenshot or gif of something and never released it please yell at me so I can look for it in my files add it in here.