Staff hit formula

FE7’s staff hit formula is 30 + 5 * (user’s mag - target’s res) + skl - 2 * distance.

I’m no ASM wizard, but shouldn’t it be easy to alter some of these coefficients by changing a couple of hex values?

Yep. One of the addresses in my use-res-as-mag hack is within that calculation. So, uh, I can find that if you need it?

Yes, please. I’m mostly interested in changing the base value of 30 and the coefficient for (user’s mag - target’s res). If altering it is truly as simple as changing a couple of hex values, then I could whip up a Nightmare module for it.

Hit = XX + YY * (user mag-enemy res) + skl - ZZ*distance

change 0x2A6B4 to XX
change 0x2A680 to YY 27 67 43 (instructions must be changed)
subtracting distance is at 2A6B8 and is a bit more involved and I’d have to make a few rearranges instead of just changing 1 or 2 instructions.