SSHX's pearch of weird but free stuff

Hello. Some of you might know me from the subreddit discord or from other discord servers. My name is SSHX and I’ve got into hacking pretty recently, and I also do some spritings. Everything I post here will be free to use.

Map Sprites:
Ephraim map sprite with a bow:
ephraim gunner
eph moving
Guardian (based on Marcel’s class from Berwick Saga):
guardian moving
Wight with slightly more armor:
hover dude
moving dude
Shaman with a sword (loosely based on Razite’s War Monks from Berwick Saga):
war monk hover
war monk moving

Class Portraits:
Shaman with a sword:
war monk generic portrait

So yeah, that’s it for the day. Hope you like them, if you use them, no need to credit me.


The wight map sprite could pass off as a human class as well. I’ve seen you around and really like your art. Hope u keep at it and good job!

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Subreddit discord? Which subreddit?
Also, gucci stuff fam :ok_hand:
The world needs more Berwick.

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Looking cool, Joker!

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I’m somewhat of a regular in the FE subreddit discord (Kaga Era, Saga Era and DS era), I also appear every once in a while in the FEU discord too (FE design and meta and Writans, sometimes even in Spritans).

Kinda good