[SRPG Studio] Broken Legacy (16 chapters complete)

Hi everyone!

I’m a long time Fire Emblem fan and new member who’s been working on a SRPG Studio project called Broken Legacy. It’s got 16 maps complete so far (Prologue - Chapter 15), and I’ve decided to come out of my ‘lurker shell’ by posting it here!

Download can be found here

Discord link is here


Rodrun was once a unified nation, but a great conflict saw it divided into four near-autonomous states: Ormur, Anarcia, Remdare and Silveria. For decades now, there has been hostility between the states, with tensions about to boil over the entire country…

The story begins when Ormur’s King Delron calls for the unification of the nation. Confusion ensues when Anarcia’s Duke Calum sends his daughter, Kara, to seek refuge in Remdare – despite planning to surrender peacefully.

During her escape, Kara becomes separated from her knights. Now alone, she must now gain reliable allies - first to reach Remdare, but more ultimately to reclaim her homeland of Anarcia. Kara’s journey will see her joining a mercenary group, engaging in complex political situations, and finding out if she’s truly worthy of inheriting the throne…

Gameplay features

  • 16 maps completed (Prologue - Chapter 15), around 22 total planned
  • 18 unique playable characters (with more to come in later chapters)
  • Three difficulties, with the ability to swap between them freely
  • Variety of map objectives including escape, rout, defeat boss, defend and seize
  • A base system similar to the Tellius games, including base events and Bonus EXP
  • Bonus EXP and other rewards for fast play/completing side objectives
  • Skills, including a cooldown system where skills are selected via the menu (sort of like combat arts or skills in Berwick Saga)
  • 30+ classes with branching promotion paths
  • Supports which progress through the story
  • Visible growth rates and support bonuses
  • Full deployment to encourage use of all units
  • Offensive, player-phase focused gameplay
  • Unique personal equipment
  • The ability to save every 5 turns

There’s also a few differences from standard FE gameplay:

  • Can’t double on enemy phase
  • ‘Proc’ skills activated by menu command
  • Level cap is set to 10 higher than the level promoted at
  • Crits deal 2x damage


Cullen Dual 1 Dual 2 Ervin dialogue Kara Leane Safeguard Remdare Revenge


  • Engine: SapphireSoft

  • Scripts: Lady Rena, repeat, Milele, CB, o-to, Goinza, 1-239, Release, Tactician Dream, Ragnarok, Balberith#3698, Cube

  • Graphics: pipoya, fluffy, JAPANweb, Ishizaki, 1-28, Sfilna, Kadokawa, Senaka

  • Music: Moon ☆ Wind, H / MIX GALLERY, Wingless Seraph

I’ve tried to polish things as best as I could before this release, but chances are there’s a few bugs etc. floating around. Feel free to let me know if you find anything! Also constructive feedback is highly appreciated.

Known issues

  • RPG Maker MV portraits are temporary. I’ll be updating them soon to GBA style portraits (which ideally would still be temporary)
  • Some enemies have mismatched weapons in Ch 8 and 9
  • Some garbled text for characters close to levelling up in the Unit Window
  • Skills are not reflected on the battle forecast display


  • May 9, 2020: First release, 13 chapters complete
  • May 17, 2020: 16 chapters complete, bug fixes

Ooooh, this one looks promising. I’ll have to try it out!

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v0.2 is playable up to the end of Chapter 15, which is 3 new chapters. A few other changes:

  • Fixed a bug which prevented changing starting positions after resuming from battle preps
  • Fixed a bug where enemies could move through some walls in Chapter 8
  • Added a ‘reference sheet’ under Info which contains useful information like battle formulas
  • Slightly nerfed Marcel. -2HP/-1Str/-1Def/-1Res and -15%HP/-10%Str/-10%Skl/-10%Spd/-5%Lck
  • Probably some other minor things I’ve forgotten about