Spirit- Custom Monster/Class


I’m very new to hacking, and I’m wanting to make my own ROM hack! I’m not a great artist at all, but I managed to make a decent looking “Spirit” custom enemy, with a look based on the “Children” enemies from Risk of Rain 1.


I thought I’d share the battle animations and sprites here, in case somebody else wants to use them.


If you use it, credit me as “Meta4”. Thank you! Hope you like it!


Excellent work! I’ll have my guy add this to the ultimate graphics repository! In the future, if you post your submissions there you’ll get a lot more visibility, which I definitely recommend.

Thanks for the submission!


Oh, awesome, thank you!

You’re welcome! I hope people enjoy this guy. I’m thinking of making this character function like a dancer instead of/as well as a light mage.

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