Spell Animtion notes dump

So I spent seven hours today disassembling the Forblaze processor, and only got a bit of the way through it.

My notes can be found here, not that there’s likely anything useful in there. In the end, hopefully, we’ll understand more of wtf is going on.

Basically what I’ve noted is that the basic format is to load some kind of u32[] that contains (in order) the values (19, 0, 3, spell_PC_ptr, 0) where spell_PC_ptr is the processor for the spell in question. In FE7, at least, the pointer to this struct is then passed into 08004494, which does… something else with it.

If you look at my notes on the Forblaze processor (0805A42C.asm), you’ll see as far as I got before I got fed up, but jesus if anyone has more information that i don’t have (i’ve been glancing through hextator’s doc and NL’s notes along with Rey’s failed attempt), please let me know so I can make use of it.

alright i give up

spells are way too hard

Fire is somehow just as long as Forblaze (probably involves less recursion) and idw deal with it