Sound Room Nightmare Modules

Saw this didn’t exist and needed to edit Sound Room for a project, so I wrote nightmare modules for FE7 and FE8’s sound rooms.

FE8 Module
FE7 Module

Edit: FE6 now too, sound room is a bit different in that game so it took a bit to write (I couldn’t just copy/paste like I did for FE8 to FE7)

FE6 Module


Nice work, i will test it

UPDATE: If using with buildfiles, add this line to the bottom of your Sound Room Editor.event (or equivalent file):
This adds the table terminator that otherwise is missing, causing the game to hang when entering the Sound Room.

For the 0 people using this with FE6, it should end up as csvmacro000(0xFFFFFFFF,0,0) instead, since there’s one less entry (though I haven’t tested this, it’s just a theory).

This is amazing

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