Sound glitch after using certain event IDs

Ok I am not even sure how to ask this or search the answer so here goes

After a certain number of event IDs, I am reaching well over 50 event ID’s and the ones I am trying to use (0x50,0x51,0x60,0x61) screw up the audio to a cool but terrible screech music. How do I fix this or is this just happens with these set of event ID’s?

why don’t you just try a different set and find out

To be fair we should really have the glitched event IDs documented in a post tho.

Yes, they dun work. Certain ranges of event IDs are taken up by in-game functions.

I’m not really sure, but I know for a fact IDs 0x60-0x6F are very… touchy. Outside of 0x65 being a game over flag, the others just cause errors. Also, you are aware that IDs above 0x65 are all permanent IDs and that you shouldn’t be using different IDs in different chapters unless you’re using permanent ones(which it doesn’t sound like you are).

There’s a range in the permas where they stop working, too (EN only goes up to 0xA5, and that’s with hard mode set on at New Game - that seems to ignore the event ID checks that otherwise get caught up in tutorial functions).

its for a ragefest and so far event codes 0x5 - 0x41 are taken and I need more (I may be going overboard with events actually). I am fine with using permanent ID’s but I may need a way to re-use them or was hoping there was a solution to them by now because that is a huge number of ID’s to lose.

in any case, thanks for the answers, will make it work somehow

Wew ok, after sitting down and testing shit, here is what I got

Event ID’s that work but cause a permanant screech music afterwards:
0x43 - 0x46/0x48/0x4A/0x4D /0x50 /0x53 /0x54 /0x58 - 0x5B/0x60

Event ID’s that appear to not work at all:
0x47, 0x49, 0x4B, 0x4C, 0x4E, 0x4F, 0x51, 0x52, 0x55 - 0x57, 0x5C, 0x5E, 0x5F, 0x61, 0x62

Edit: 0x41, 0x42 too

0x63 starts to giltch the audio but returns to normal. After that codes seem to work normally (stop testing after 0x66)

Special Mention about death quote ID’s for any chapter:
0x88 Dart’s death, 0x82 jaffar’s, 0x89 Vadia’s, 0x7D pent’s

I tried using the ones that work but glitch as death quotes, house events, etc. but they all glitch out.

So after much searching, I read somewhere that it’s possible you can re-assign a used ID after it has been used by a previous event so that is what I am going to do for some of them and document it well so I don’t trip up the code.

event IDs lower than 0x66 reset at the end of each chapter

ones above that do not

Another update:

ok I found another solution to free up codes that I didn’t realize I could do it. writing it down for the sake of it

IFET 0x3A 0x1F
ELSE 0x0
ENIF 0x0

can use 0x0 as a ID for else code if the else has no important event that you won’t call to later. This frees up so much ID’s.

i wouldn’t do that if i were you

reusing condition IDs was the source of a ton of Arch’s Elibean Nights bugs because it kept jumping around all over the place

Ah crap baskets, thanks for the heads up

Condition IDs != Event IDs. Don’t worry about intersecting them.

wait, for conditional ID’s, you are saying it’s possible I can reuse them to check for another event ID? For example:

IFET 0x3A 0x5 //0x5 is a event ID
//cause a event if boss is dead
ElSE 0x3B

I can then use that same code for something like

IFET 0x3A 0x2C
//cause a event if village was burned down
ElSE 0x3B

and it should work? Cause if so, that will save so many ID’s because a lot of them or kind of the same setup.


A is the condition ID. These should not be reused within one chapter. Ever.

B is the Event ID. This is separate from the condition ID (and is described in better detail in arch’s tutorial). You can, however, do this:

IFET 0x1 0x1  // {
ENIF 0x1  // }

and it will work.

For the record, I have never come even close to running out of condition IDs, you’d need to have two hundred fifty five if conditions in the same chapter before you’d ever have to reuse any.

I want to stress again that condition ID and event ID are separate and event ID 0x1 is completely unrelated to condition ID 0x1

ok thank you, that cleared up some serious confusion because to me, conditional ID’s were the hardest to figure out even with arch’s(the super old SF one) and blazer’s tutorials. The reason I thought I was running out because I thought conditional ID’s and Event ID’s were from the same pool. (i.e once you used 0x5 for something, you can’t use it again without ENUF)

In hindsight, this sounds super obvious, but seeing 0x?? used for a lot of different things confused me on what is pointing to what and which ones were already being used on the game.

Edit: To summarize, I thought I was running out of event ID’s because I thought I used them when I made conditional ID’s because I did thought they was the same. Now that I know they are different, I am no longer running out of them.

So is it safe to assume that the conditional IDs reset after each chapter then? Or do they act like permanent event IDs above 0x66?

They definitely reset after a chapter finishes.

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