Souls old and new; share your FE stories

Thought I’d make a little intro topic to kick things off, and share my FE story with all of you, because it’s hilarious.

I’m Agro, from Melbourne, Australia. I emulated FE6 after I played Smash Bros Melee and have been obsessed with the series ever since.

My first foray into the FE community was FEABL, a forum where you could create your own character and pit it against other people’s characters. Since all battles were member-moderated, I made stats up and made sure I won most of the time. My level ups were all >4 stat level-ups. For whatever godforsaken reason I thought it would be funny to tell everyone that I was the shared account of a brother and sister. Perhaps it was because of the indubitably more hospitable treatment I received on other MMORPGs posing as a girl. Or perhaps it was because I was entertained by the deception. It was fun, until someone sent me naked webcam selfies over MSN…

This is apparently what happens when a closeted 12-year-old tries to create characters. Oh, the cringe-worthiness of it all…

I then moved on to FESS after a couple of years at FEABL and swimming back and forth between some smaller forums (including one where I first met The Blind Archer!) and found a new home there. I remember being inspired by some mock screenshots VincentASM had created on his website Angel Sword (later to become Serenes Forest) to create my own FE game but at the time it was simply not possible. At that point FE hacking was only just starting to emerge from obscurity and I had made some attempts at it, but none were fruitful. @Arch’s event tutorial was unfinished and the Event Assembler hadn’t even been publicly released yet.

Notes from a long-gone spec script. I was obsessed with subverting the typical FE-hero trope, but then again, who wasn’t?

FESS died and I moved to Serenes Forest. After spending some time there I took a good year off the fandom for school and came back to find that the FE12 translation project needed a translator. I signed up before my exams had finished. On the night of my last exam - incidentally, my Japanese exam - many festivities and drinks were had with my Japanese-speaking classmates and with a hangover and 3 hours of sleep I went home and began to work on translating the FE12 script.

“tremendous attack” doesn’t necessarily mean one single attack, but more like an offense/an offensive.
“So it was just me” - Katarina actually says something like “so I was soaring/flying high alone” - I assume she means the metaphorically, like as in some sort of flight of fancy. Regardless, it’s a pretty extravagant sentence so feel free to play with it a bit.
“But, the increasing of friends makes me happy.” - this is almost begging to be “the more the merrier”
“but I haven’t been able to get any [romance]” - this is literal translation of what he says, you can assume he means that he hasn’t had much luck with the ladies. Nothing vulgar is intended at all.

Some notes I had to give to the localising team from Prologue-6. I do look back on some of it and wonder if I could have handled it better, but that’s what you get when you have to rely on for half your translations.

My work eventually led me to become quite close with a few SF members, most notably Blazer, who was also putting the last touches on the Last Promise at the time. At this point I’d re-entered the SF community and once again found myself drawn to the idea of creating my own FE game. The work for FE12 had begun to dry up as we prepared for release, and I’d started my first year of uni. I was attending at most 8 hours of class a week as most of my subjects were things I’d studied before, and had an abundance of free time. It was at this point that I decided to give hacking another go, under the heavy guidance of Blazer.

I’d just finished reading the Song of Ice and Fire series and one of the in-universe tales intrigued me greatly. I was fascinated by how much George R.R. Martin allowed his character’s personal lives to influence their political decisions and wanted to create a similar story. In the past I’d dabbled with a few plotlines but none had stories that I could stretch out for more than a few chapters. I knew I wanted a strong, horse-riding woman named Bronwyn (preserved from my previous attempts at hacking) to be at the centre of the story and everything else I chopped and changed until I had something that worked. At the time music hacking was most certainly a weak point in FE hacking and I had figured I could do a better job than most people. Having just finished playing around with FE12, I figured that the best thing to do would be to use FE12 music. I got to work.

Three years later I’m still hard at work. Life gets in the way more often than I’d like it to, but that’s just how the cookie crumbles. Eternal Bond has gone through a number of drafts (including a major shift in tone) as I’ve struggled to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

At some point last year I decided to create a Skype chat dedicated to ROM hackers as I wasn’t getting the feedback that I needed to from the previous one, Team OVERTROLL, which had meanwhile lost its way in a flurry of robot anime discussions. @Arch and @CT075 were a few of the first members. Not long after, the very forum in which you currently stand was created.

And that’s how I got here.


You’re so old >:c

I got FE8 for my birthday from my grandma. All was well. (I think this was in 2006?)

IIRC, I lurked SF in 2010 some but didn’t join for a while.
I also posted my shitty splices on SF and Seph was less assholeish about them than usual.

I have done little else. ~(’.’ )~ (Also skype has ruined my dancing buddy.)

EDIT: oh oh oh, I joined FEU because everyone here is very fancy and actually does things


My sister went hardcore FE-fan when FE7 came out in the US. Since she was a huge fan and all, I also played the game. It was kinda fun. And now my sister’s an even more hardcore fan (I think she’s semi-famous in the FE community? idk I don’t hang out in the social, non-hacking side of the FE community) But anyway, My history with ROMhacking is in my profile. idk why I started down the path, but it’s been fun. Also, I joined this forum because I saw @Arch post some of icecube’s hax on youtube and it was more interesting than anything else I had seen. And that’s how I knew we were going to undergo a Renaissance™.


Well since @Agro gave everybody his life story, I suppose I should as welllllllll… :stuck_out_tongue:

It all began on an old-as-fuck place called Fire Emblem World. I first signed up for FESS but got banned for asking for a ROM, oh how the tides have turned! FEW was chill, my first real investment of time in the fan community. Their forum hack struck my attention because of the cool things they were doing; their lead hacker, Icy Toast, did the first custom map via hex, demoed the first functioning custom support, and many other things that were groundbreaking at the time. Eventually the place fell apart due to some administration drama and extended staff absences, and a spin-off forum was created called Fire Emblem Anthology. That place lasted a little while, and during that time I became involved with the small forum’s hack, working with Icy Toast and landing my first staffing gig as the section mod for their ROM Hacking section. That’s where Icy Toast posted the OG event modification by hex tutorial.

Eventually FEA started falling off too, and that inspired me to begin the journey that has been Fire Emblem Universe. It began on some random free Invision Power Boards server in '07, and eventually grew large enough to warrant starting over with real IPB software on a real server (graciously offered to us by the admin of FEPlanet). FEU 2.0 grew into a little mecca of hacking development: FEditor was first posted there, as was the Event Assembler. Way back, when FE4 Advance was the forum’s marquee project. We also started our own forum hack, which eventually evolved into Blazer’s “The Last Promise” (spoiler alert: Siegfried was my self-insert; I voice his lines in the final chapter). Eventually the staff decided collectively to expand the forum into “Tactics Universe.” That expansion alienated a lot of the forum’s more casual users, and the decline began. We changed back to FEU after a period, but the damage was done. I’d lost interest in maintaining the forum, handed over the keys to my lieutenant, and redoubled my focus on ROM hacking. FEU eventually became Norodo’s Shrine of Seals, hoping to catch the original forum’s lightning in a bottle, but that ended in him offering to give the forum back to me (I said ‘no,’ not wanting to go back to running a forum at the time).

Fun fact: I’m member #134 on Serenes Forest (I’m part of the original 150 Pokemon, bitches, registered in '08), so I’ve basically been enjoying “tenured professor” status there for a while now - which makes it a lot easier to deal with the perpetual shitshow that is Serenes.

Started Elibian Nights in 2010, but it wasn’t really that big of a deal anyways. Then I finally got a Skype and wound up in the original Team OVERTROLL chat, befriending the Dream of FIve team and a bunch of other artists and hackers from around the community (we’d originally banded together to remake FE5 on FEXP, lol). We all worked together to pull the FE4A release prank on April Fools’ Day, those were gooooood times. Dissatisfaction with SF led me to initially work to improve their ROM hacking section with some organizational stuff; I was offered the section mod position at one point, but turned it down. You’re welcome, eclipse! I turned down what became your job offer.

Rather than take their gig, I was compelled to jump back into the forum wars with FECafe (which just got nuked recently from BwdYeti’s server), trying to convince the other OTers to jump ship with me and build a new promised land. T’was a dud, and I went back to the forest in defeat (I was withholding project updates on SF for a while, so much for that as a “traffic draw”).

I started FEU 3.0 just this summer, in hopes that it could live up to the spirit of the original. They say it’s impossible to catch lightning in a bottle twice (cough, Shrine of Seals), but this revival has totally exceeded my wildest expectations! The #Renaissance is real, baby! We’ve even got a new hackchat in Team UNDERTROLL. Life in the community has never been sweeter, honestly.


o captain, my captain

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This topic seems like a convenient place to introduce myself.

I was first introduced to Fire Emblem after borrowing FE8 from a friend of mine, although I’ve known about its existence due to SSB melee, this was the first time I’ve played it. Not long after, I played FE7; along with every new FE game that was released subsequently, with the exception of Awakening. I didn’t play FE6 until much later, and I havn’t played any games before the GBA era, mostly due to incredible laziness.

I first encountered rom hacking by watching a video featuring a hack on youtube. I thought it was neat, and so I looked into making my own hacks. Due to my previously established laziness, I almost immediately lost interest after researching just how much effort rom hacking requires.

Several years later after graduating High School; I thought to myself: “Damn I’m boring. Maybe I should get a hobby or something.” I then remembered rom hacking was a thing, and due to my inordinate amount of free time, I decided to actually maybe follow through this time. It was fairly easy to learn everything I needed to know, since FE hacking was well established now, and there was plenty of documentation out there. I picked up spriting too, since I wanted to be fairly self-sufficient. I don’t sprite nearly as often as I should, but I continue to improve steadily for some inexplicable reason.

At this point I decided to join in on some of the various FE communities. I started with FE empire, but due to the relative inactivity there I moved over to TEB. From there I branched out to several other forums; including Serenes, and this one.

Of course, I mostly just lurk about, rarely contributing or doing much of anything. Such is life.


Hoo boy, where do I even start?

It all started years ago when my mom’s friend brought over their son and their Gamecube. As you’d expect, Smash Bros. Melee was inserted and that’s when I said “These two guys don’t speak English. Who are they?” (Pretty sure everyone here knows who they are. Both of them would eventually become my mains, but that’s a story for another day.) It was around this time when I first heard of Nintendo’s other franchises (like Zelda and Metroid. I only knew of Mario and Pokémon at the time.) and grew to like Kirby (this was before I found out he’s terrible in Melee but amazing elsewhere, but that’s also another story for another day). Then came the year when my sister got a Wii and we played Brawl for who knows how long. I considered trying out the other Nintendo franchises at this time, but simply didn’t have the patience for it.

Flash forward to the 3DS launch year of 2011(?) when me and my sister a single 3DS to share for ~$250 before the $100 price drop and Ambassador Program was announced. The GBA lineup for Ambassadors was announced and Fire Emblem Sacred Stones was on there. Naturally, me and my sister were like “Hey, isn’t Marth in this game?” and were interested in it (Ironically, FE8 was actually the game that I was least interested in playing first along with FE2 back when I first tried to get into this series just because Marth and Roy weren’t in it). So we did, and fell in love with the sadly unappreciated story.

It was around this time when I heard of Serenes Forest and used the site as a resource like for Pokémon. That same time I learned about ROM hacking for the GBA games through Youtube suggestions and learned of icons like Arch and Klok (and Rey, to some extent). This was about the time when I got interested in sprite works and played around in MS Paint with hacking concepts that I would soon find impossible due to system limitations.

It wasn’t until about a year later when I decided to peek into the forums. From there I lurked for about another year or two until I found Arch’s sprite request topic for Exalted Legacy. I thought to myself “Hey, I made a still edit of Eliwood to become Marth, maybe I’ll mess around with it and show off.” It was also this exact time when I first heard of gringe’s version of the FE6 translation and followed the thread closely.

And then things went downhill from there. I have to say that I kinda grew as a person because of the community here.

As to why I joined FEU? This place is more civilized than in Serenes where things like sprite theft and stuff were made a big deal of (I plan to make all of the stuff I release to the public free of charge without permission because “It’s greedy to keep it to yourself”). I remember one guy asked the mod team to pretty much permaban him because he talked trash to someone (not calling names here in hopes of not crushing both parties’ honor). Both here and Serenes have their flaws and stuff (like that one time the Questions category got flooded with simple requests from the same person and pretty much any saltfest on Serenes), but I still find myself coming here more.

Now I’d love to contribute more to the hacking scene, but I often find myself caught in other things like school life and other hobbies (like drawing stuff, some of you have seen one of my works in Arch’s birthday thread). I’m hoping to at least keep mild ROM hacking as a secondary interest.

Sprite moar.

I have a few sprites I plan on making in the hopefully near future. The main thing keeping me from doing much of anything currently is needing to get a job before student loan debt eats me alive.

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I don’t really have much of a story
I got into the series during 5th grade(so like 2005ish); my friend had fe8 and couldn’t beat it so he gave it to me. I had no idea what I was doing, so I managed to kill off… Franz, Gilliam, Vanessa, Forde, Lute, Artur, Neimi, L’Arachel, and Seth somehow in the final chapter, but I did better than he did surprisingly(he had eirika, seth, and saleh on ch15 and that was it… he was on eirika mode).
After that I started looking around the internet for more on fire emblem and I found serenes forest(not the forum). Eventually I found FEU(the old one), and joined eventually because I wanted to join the forum hack because I was a loser. I did random stuff for the community hack while making a shitty fe8 reskin(maybe some people here remember that… thing). Most of the tools we have now weren’t a thing, so I had a lz77 image editor, tlp, feditor(really old version with basically no animation support and the old mug format), nightmare, and a really old ea(like version 1). Using that I figured out the basics of romhacking and event hacking(I was terrible at it), and then the feu hack… I don’t have to explain what happened to that.
Sometime in 2007 or 2008 I made an alt account on feu not knowing that was not allowed(because who reads the rules), and I met some weird girl named ecut. That girl sucks.
At some point in 2009 I joined serenes and was an awful member(still am by most accounts). I think I posted gore or something as a dare from death(don’t accept dares from death). Sometime in 2010 or something that weirdo followed me and uh idk where else to go with this I’m rambling. I also joined the dream of five team but had no character because at that point I learned that self inserts were pretty dumb. This is also the time I started getting into maps and stopped splicing mugs because let’s face it, they’re awful.

tl; dr version:
nothing I did before was very interesting or important
oh and I’ve managed to play fe4-13, and beat fe6-fe13(fe4 I got bored and fe5 I just hate because I think it’s badly done).
also zelda > fe get at me

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Hey man, don’t hate because you ain’t! My Dofu self-insert was the point where it’s like “yeah, I’m pretttttty eFamous I guess.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Zelda kicks ass though, I’ll grant you that.

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Alright, brace yourselves, children, for here is where I date myself.

My first encounter with Fire Emblem was circa 2001, via one of the early j2e translation patches of FE4, since I am a massive SRPG junkie. (Started with Shining Force in 1993) I think I tapered off somewhere around Chapter 3, due to a combination of bugs and unfinished text. I ended up borrowing both Blazing Sword and Sacred Stones (after their respective releases) from a friend in college (ooold), the latter of which I remember playing a significant chunk while on a bus trip to and from somewhere.

I think I first started poking around Serenes around Shadow Dragon’s US release - I never posted and only visited the forums maybe twice, and essentially just used the site for reference purposes.

Anyway, flash forward a few more years to January of last year and the New Mystery of the Emblem patch lured me in, and actually posted (mistake!) a few times. I did a few splices for shits and giggles to illustrate NPCs for a short D&D campaign (hah) and just kinda toyed with art assets until I ran into @Arch, who I ended up doing some translation and storyboarding stuff for Jugdral with. The real genesis of my involvement with hacking involves a spriting contest over at The Emblem Brigade, where @ghast convinced me to try my hand at doing an animation, and I threw together what became Oren 's(IoA’s lord’s) sprite and animation. Somewhere along the line I hit the seed of the story I wanted to tell, and started hacking in earnest/working on Inheritance of Ash. Since I’d been doing freelance music stuff for awhile, I met @Agro and was pointed in that direction as well.

I’m really more of a story and music guy (and very badly, an art dude) than an honest hacker - Eventing comes fairly easy to me as a result of an RPGMaker background, but I’m really only concerned with hacking as a means to tell a story/do gameplay stuff.

TLDR - Old.


My first FE was #8 which I picked up after watching a review of it on X-Play, an old game review show.

I lurked on the previous FEU back in '09 after deciding I wanted to make changes to FE8 and tinker around with it. After getting bored with Nightmare edits I started reading one of Arch’s renditions of his Chapter Construction guide and tinkered around in FE7.

I just sort started making chapters just for fun and threw together a bullshit story. This “thing” eventually became the jump off point for TRTR (Yes, I have been working on my project about as long as EN has been in development).

At some point FEU of old gave its dying gasp and Shrine of Seals popped up. It had a mapping competition that I joined on a whim which is pretty much when I started getting serious about maps.

Eventually I joined SF and posted the old version of TRTR with vanilla characters in non-canon roles and people got upset about that for reasons I don’t understand.
Then I gutted the thing, made new characters but still in Elibe.
Then I gutted it again and made a new world for myself too.
Now I have a 13 chapter project out there. Go me?

Oh, and I make maps I guess. I made a tutorial on it a while back on a whim. People think it’s good or something?

I still have that thing :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“Siuloir, post:12, topic:624”]
TLDR - Old.
[/quote]One of the finest TL;DRs I’ve seen in ages.

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well, i guess if the rest of the staff is doing it

My story isn’t nearly as grandiose as @Agro’s or @Arch’s… I joined SF in late '08 as it’s youngest member at age 11. I’d been introduced to Radiant Dawn at E for All (basically a now-defunct collection of E3 demos) and I had been using gamefaq’s to tell me how to play the game, and one of them credited SF as a resource. I decided to look at this site for myself, and the rest is largely history.

Fun fact: I didn’t actually make the connection between Brawl!Ike and RD!Ike until nearly a year later.

For a long time, I’d been slowly getting involved into the LTC community (I’ve since relocated into the drafting subset, and even in that I’m fairly inactive), as things like fine strategy and manipulation of level design had always fascinated me. My raison d’être had been taking the at-the-time world-record FE4 draft clear of 217 turns (that has since been exceeded down to almost sub-200, but that’s beside the point). Right about then, I’d started becoming interested in ROMhacking as a way of “finding new games to play”. I’d largely only messed with FEditor and Nightmare, and that was just kind of super dumb (I think I still have a copy of my first “project”, a so-called FE6 Rebalance hack that, obviously, nobody has ever tried to do before).

Right about then, I’d discovered MK404’s hacks and instantly become enamored. Through following him, I met Trent (as Seph1212 at the time), who was involved as a spriter for a few smaller-name hacks that have been lost to the ether. Trent was the one who introduced me to the Event Assembler, almost exactly at the same time as Arch’s 2nd Edition event tutorial was released, by coincidence. Trent and I were pretty quickly picked up by one of SF’s forum hacks (it never went anywhere, before someone asks why they haven’t heard of it) with AstraLunaSol and someone else (anybody here know Darros on SF?). The original organizer was incompetent and the project eventually ended up in our hands entirely, organized entirely through a skype room.

The project died, but over that period, I got better at eventing (and programming in general) and got to know ALS (already a pretty good friend of mine) even better. This led to Astra eventually asking me to become the lead hacker for another SF forum hack that had ended up in his hands, I don’t even remember what it was called (all I remember was that the originator was ILMCI, for those who remember who that even is), but I turned him down after the disaster that was Tales of Serenes. Instead, I ended up teaching Astra what I knew, and he ended up developing this hitherto-unknown ROMhack called “Dream of Five”. I’m actually still technically part of the active development team, but the project in general is pretty stalled due to life so don’t ask me when the next release is coming pls.

As this was happening, the original skype room for Tales of Serenes had been expanded as people added their friends, who added their friends, etc. I think there was a split between that room and another more general SF chat room at some point too. Regardless, sooner or later, this dude named ArchsageX was added to the chat. Since everyone in that room at the time was either a hacker or a spriter, we all decided “let’s make a project together!” which ended up being a planned FEXP remake of FE5. I think the plans still exist on BwdYeti’s forum if you have the right permissions to look at it. This was roughly the time Arch had acquired the nickname “Overtroll”, as well (due to his unorthodox choice of default pairings in Elibian Nights), thus the chat was dubbed “TEAM OVERTROLL”. We also did the FE4A release prank on April 1st, but Arch has already gone over that,

I was also offered the moderator job for SF’s ROMhacking forum after Arch turned it down, which I did as well. I’d developed a reputation at the time for being overly harsh and mean (which was true), and the fact that I was still like 13 or 14 at the time didn’t help. Speaking of which, it was actually eCut that eventually won that mod slot, not eclipse (gdi arch).

Since then, I’ve met a ton of amazing people; I’m still good friends with the original OVERTROLL chat and the DoF team. Without an actual project on my plate (my role on DoF is largely advisory since Astra is self-sufficient by now), I’d mostly been floating around with Astra and Trent, and then eventually Arch after Shrine of Seals and then FECafe flubbed. All hail Fire Emblem.

edit -

why the fuck does @ Agro resolve to tagging L95


and you’re still a little shit

fuk u too

I was wondering why I was mentioned lol

Fun fact: I was asked too at one point.
Looks like no one in the ROM hacking scene wants any sort of responsibility.

I referred them to you after turning it down, Prime.

And oops yeah I forgot eCut was Section mod before eclipse (but fuck if they would’ve promoted me like they did eCut so still “you’re welcome” for the chain of events that led to your hiring).

Last summer I posted the location/format of FE7 escape points on Serenes.
Arch invited me to come here. So I did.
Now I am a mediocre hacker who is mostly seen in the FE7 AI documentation thread.
The end.