Someone can explain FE builder function event : check if unit exists

Hello. I’m currently working on my own project and we all know that if a unit dies the dialog shouldn’t be occured with this character someone could explain me how this function works : Check if units exists. they say a value of 1 and 0 but for me it’s a bit confusing.
If someone could clearly explain me this it would be great.



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I’m sure SHYUTERz will explain in detail when he returns safely from the corona examination.

Or why don’t you ask here?

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It writes the value “1” to memory slot C if True, they exist.
It writes the value “0” to memory slot C if False, they don’t exist.

You can then compare this to something else.
The comparisons are all branch if the condition is met.

BEQ sC and s0 is the same as:
Branch if memory slot C equals memory slot 0. s0 is always 0.

So it will branch, or jump somewhere below, if the result was 0 (false).

BEQ sC s0 to label 10
Do stuff here only if they exist
Label 10
Do stuff here if they exist or not

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Sry for not responding I’ve been meeting some exhaust problems those days so I read what you wrote and I appreciate i’l check it later sir thanks for the message :slight_smile:

Use event template.

It is difficult to write the branch by hand, so I recommended to use EventTemplate.


I’ll check that on the computer as soon as I get a bit better.

I used to write everything without using this command x)