[SOLVED] Status Effecting Swords

  1. Sleep Sword
  2. Berserk Sword
  3. Barrier Sword- +7 Resistance
  4. Defender Sword- +7 Defense
    Can someone please tell me how this is possible in FE7?
    If there are any programs or resources that will be needed, please put links.

I think the modular battle routine supports Sleep and Berserk swords. (EDIT: I think I may have misunderstood some posts in the topic, but I know status effect swords have been done, will dig up link)

Barrier and defender sword seem like they’d just use stat bonuses like the legendary weapons.

Do you do any sort of research at all? Cam [has something][1] for status effects.

Barrier/Defender sword is exactly like L suggested.

Come on, man. Use the search function.
[1]: Applying status effects to weaponry

It would be tremendously appreciated by the staff if you would stop posting threads for every question, and instead used the very robust search function to investigate your inquiries.


Hi Tordo45, have you ever considered maybe it might be a better idea to simply hack FE4 instead of trying to get everyone else to do your work for you? There’s an FE4 hacker on SF who seems to know how to hack events, maps and text, which appear to be the “dark spots” in SNESFE hacking. Perhaps you can talk to them about it?

Agro is right. You can also just patiently wait for FEXNA or try using FEXP in the meantime instead of trying to do everything in hacking.

Honestly I wish FE4girl would come here. SNES Hacking can have a renaissance too!

Part of creative maturity when it comes to developing a ROM hack is simply being able to accept the limits of the hobby and the community. I once read an incredibly cheesy quote in an English textbook once - “creativity, like a flame confined to a box, only grows in intensity.” That’s my mountain sage advice for ya.

Your questions generally focus around replicating FE4’s features - some easier (and already developed, as in the present case) and some not. As a newcomer you can be forgiven for not picking up on those limits initially, but research is important. The point of this site is to make that effort easier. Drawing any sort of menu is difficult (Valkyrie staff), as are intricate mechanical modifications that you’ve been oft to inquire about. You seem eager, and honestly SNES hacking could use another determined mind to help advance that realm - if that’s something that interests you. If not, it may be worth questioning whether or not the GBAFE platform is the best one to develop a game focused around the Jugdrali crusaders. You can either alter your platform or your concept, but the two you’ve chosen don’t seem to be meshing well at the moment.

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