[Solved (somewhat)] Assassin silencer quirk

So I decided to edit Legault’s assassin variant to fix up the hair a little. Then proceeded to insert it in FE8, and it all works fine and dandy, except when the silencer animation starts to play, at the moment where the assassin should multiply and blur, both it and the enemy will vanish for a few frames, then Jaffar’s head appears on the ground, and then everything returns to normal and everything works fine.

It’s probably an issue with the sheets/script, and I have a feeling I’m just missing a small detail/link that will make this work, since obviously it doesn’t follow the normal animation sequence, and it’s likely trying to call something that doesn’t exist (apart from Jaffar’s head). same thing happens when I insert an unedited version. So my question is how to get this to work properly.

Well I fixed it by editing the script to just use the normal crit animation when activating silencer. Not optimal, but it prevents glitches haha.

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You can probably find that little bit of Jaffar’s hair in the graphical jumbles themselves (just edit it out and everything should work, idk why the enemy would vanish tho?).

When I remove Jaffar’s head, the same thing happens except now instead of showing his head, it shows nothing at all. The enemy still disappears.

Maybe try comparing a dumped script of FE8’s native assassin animation to the Lethality animation from Legault’s and see if there’s any differences there?

I did, and I did notice a few c55 commands in the dumped script, but according to Hex’s notes it doesn’t do anything, so I doubt that has any relevance. I copied Jaffar’s script to Legault’s, but it has the exact same issue.

Actually, C55 is used in FE8 for the Assassin’s Lethality activation, and Those commands are the only major difference between FE7 and FE8’s Assassins iirc.

I had the same issue when I first made a Female Assassin variant so I ended up just rebuilding it based of the FE8 Assassin instead :V