[SOLVED] Setup to deploy Merlinus

How do i prompt the message to deploy merlinus after exiting the prep screen?

just load him offscreen or some shit in the chapter before

no it’s actually some asmc command, I used to have it because I’ve used it…
maybe @agro has the answer? He has a tent character


How many hackers does it take to load the merchant? Can’t be fucked to write a punchline to that joke.

You’ll want to make sure merchant coordinates are set in the Chapter Data Editor. @CT075 is probably thinking of “how do I get Merlinus to join?”

Merlinus needs to be loaded in the chapter prior to where you want to deploy him. To get him to deploy, you need to edit his loading coordinates in the Chapter Data Editor.nmm

To level Merlinus you’ll need to use the LevelMerlinus macro during your ending event and Merlinus will then level up next chapter.

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A Macro? can you what a macro is to me and how LevelMerlinus is used?

Macros are just words defined in the Event Assembler that will tell the EA to write something else, basically. If you just write LevelMerlinus in an event anywhere, the game will run the “if he survived this chapter, he gains a level” routine. I assume that gets checked after the next available prep screen.

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oooh, thanks!

Another way to think of a macro is that it’s a short-hand notation.
Say you have an armory in your events:


What EA interprets this as is:

"SHOP 0 offset [X,Y] 0x13"

And plugs in the X, Y, and offset you gave it.

You can make your own macros using #define. Example:

#define ConvoEvent(textID) "MUSI; TEX1 textID; REMA; MUNO; ENDA"

The semicolons tell EA “okay, next command”.

seriously? and you’re doing video tuts on this shit?

well excuuuuuse me, sir. But my tutorials are for us baby mode hackers out there!!!