[SOLVED] Inserting a custom animation?

I was wondering if anyone can help me with inserting a custom animation? I’m trying to hack in a new class (Halberdier) for a small FE7 hack but I’m running into some difficulty. Serenes has some public animations available so that’s not the problem. I think I have to go to index A3(?) in FEditor Advanced’s Animation Manager and insert it there. I’m assuming I’m doing that correctly because the sprite shows up perfectly along with a bunch of other frames.

Once it goes into Nightmare editing is where I get confused (ironically, because Nightmare’s usually simple for me). Can anyone help me out?

Apologies if this has been answered somewhere, but some Google searching was fairly inconclusive so I came here. Thank you guys in advance for any help! :slight_smile:

Okay, I’ll walk you through the Nightmare part real quick:

1. Whenever you expand the battle animation table, you need to edit Animation List.txt

To do this you’ll be using the Custom Battle Animation Editor.nmm file, which contains four dropdowns. The first of which determines the weapon type, the second of which determines custom animation vs. for a weapon type, the third is that index you inserted to in FEditor. The default list, however, stops at 0xA2, so you’ll have to open Animation List.txt, go down to the bottom of the file and add your new index (in your class it would be 0xA3 and 0xA4 for the disarmed animation right after the attack). At the top is a number of items to display in the dropdown. Add to it with however many new indexes you wrote in. I wrote my Halberdier animations to CE and CF:

Between each list of animations is a selection of four 00’s. That’s the All Swords/Separator.

2. Linking the animation list to a class

Open up your class editor, and towards the bottom you’ll see the battle animation pointer. The dropdown on the Custom Battle Animations module gives you the pointer to use.

And this will be useful if you need help inserting map sprites.

~ Happy hacking!

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Ah, that explains the issue I was having. I didn’t realize you have to edit that Animations list.txt file so my list of animations was limited to ones already in the game. I’ll give this a go, thanks!

EDIT: Just wanted to say the animation worked like a charm! Will look through that map sprite guide you posted as well, thanks.

Edit 2: @Arch Quick question: When I’m importing my standing map sprites, which table value do I import them to? I’m assuming doing 0x01 (as in the tutorial) would overwrite Lyn’s standing sprites, but my version of Nightmare doesn’t specify which table value is which standing sprite so I’m a bit hesitant here (ie it just says 0x00, 0x01, etc to 0x57).