[Solved, I guess] Out of room and want to remove unnecessary chapters - how?

So I’m working a bit on a romhack that I want to touch up before I play. However, I just ran out of ROM space (It’s 32mb), at least according to FEBuilder. There are aftergame chapters in it that I’d be perfectly fine with removing, but I don’t know how - with or without FEBuilder. How would I go about doing so?

you’d have to locate the events and figure out how much data there is, then indicate that data as free space… somehow? event data is actually very small though; you’d be better off finding bigger culprits like sound data to nuke

Alright, I’ll see what I can do then.

How did you use 32 MB of space?
Did you embed huge wav etc?
I’d like to check the status of your ROM, please send report 7z.

Edit 2: I’ve been working on a ROM and FEBuilder claims there’s no more free space left. I can verify, however, that there is quite a bit of free space - the amount of which depends on whether it defines free space as 00 or FF. If FF, there are about 8 kilobytes of free space around, and if 00, there’s over a megabyte. What is going on?

I said this in the FEBuilderGBA thread, and it applies here as well. So I don’t know the problem.
Here is the report.

Assuming FEBuilder just scans the ROM for 00s and FFs, then this is going to significantly impact how much “free space” you have. 00s are not necessarily free space as lots of functions require zeroed entries for various reasons. FF is more likely to be true free space (although this is also variable). You also need to be more forthcoming with which ROM hacks you’re editing and other changes you’ve made, otherwise we won’t be able to help.

The linked report above offers a UPS patch.
Also, before you look at it and call foul for me using the romhack (I’m basing off a previously made hack) without permission, I am editing it for personal use, and would only publish it at all if I get permission from all parties. (Which I’m not doing just yet.)

You seem to be changing the TLP, but there is nothing I can do about the TLP.
TLP has no free space because games are made using a lot of data.
Also, TLP uses a lot of complex ASM extensions, so FEBuilderGBA’s rebuild can not be used.
Originally, you can compress capacity with rebuild, but the original extension used by TLP is too complicated and can not be analyzed.
Therefore, you can not use rebuild.

Unfortunately, this can not be helped.
There is no way other than managing the address yourself.

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Understood. Thank you for your time, though.

I don’t really care which hacks you’re editing, it just isn’t helpful to not give specifics