[Solved] How to find which class ID equates to which class in a hack?

So, I know where to go to find class ID’s. The problem is, what I don’t know what ID applies to what. How would I go about doing so?

(I’m sorry if it seems like I’m constantly making new topics and cluttering with uselessness, but I’m trying to do some patches to a hack I enjoy.

Im not exactly for sure what you are asking but if im not mistaking, class ID and class number should be the same.

You can find this through nightmare modules. Download the class editor for whichever game you’re looking at. You can open the module, or you can look in a file called something like “Class List.txt”.

Alternatively, if you’re using event assembler, search in the EA folder for a file called “FE8 Definitions.txt”.

@jj09 Yeah.

@Snakey1 Okay, to specify this is FE7. Sorry. The problem with that is due to the hack having new and changed classes, I still don’t know which number equates to which class. I have Nightmare and looked through it myself, but it can’t help me for what I need unless I find the module that the hacker used. And that’s nowhere to be seen, I also checked.

Open the hack in FEBuilder, assuming it doesn’t do anything weird that breaks it, the Class Editor will show you a list of every class and its ID

Thanks, that’s what I needed. I had no clue about FEBuilder’s existence, I only knew of FEditor.

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