[SOLVED] Help with interruption problem

I’m a representative of my friend who is working on FE hack. He met some problems and looking for some help. Here’s what he said:

“I am a Chinese. My English is not very good. I can’t guarantee if you can understand my words but I will try my best to organize them. At present, I encounter the interruption problem in the revision. After using the skill book, I interrupt. The skills I learned are no longer available. This needs to modify the interruption. So I am looking for someone who can fix that problem.
I am good at custom animation creation. The quality and the speed of creating it can be guaranteed. This can be a trade. Here are some of the animations I drew before. More semi-finished products are on the way.”
LINK: https://www.dropbox.com/s/k7wdfyn4fll02qe/FE8%20Template.gba?dl=0

This is what the problems looked like:


Resume Chapter:

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Are they using the skill system for FE8J (FE8N)? Do they have any other patches installed? How are they “interrupting” after using a skill book? It’s difficult to diagnose what the issue could be without very precise information.

“The interruption is modified and will conflict with ‘200 transporter’ patch in FEbuilder” he said.

I will upload FE8 Template he modified. I think it will be much easier for you to understand what the problem is by testing the template. I ain’t a tech guy and I don’t even know what interruption problem is in FE8:joy: So it’s difficult for me to give you any precise info.

This might be a stupid question, but… what’s up with the rainbows on the animations?

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Afaik it is an anti-theft of some kind. Some of China web-novel use that too.

He hasn’t given anyone permission to use the animation he made yet. Can only be found in his custom hacks. So the “rainbow” is like anti-theft system for the animations.

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First, please attach report7z.




Are you adapting the “BreakSave” patch?

It is written in the explanatory note of Book of skills.

you need skill extension and BreakSave extension
NAME.en=Book of skills(Install)

INFO.en=You will be able to create the item "skills book" that you can learn skills.\r\nItem ID: 0x25 or later items, by setting the item effect to "Metis's Book\\r\nThe skill ID to memorize is set in the "attack power" column of the item.\r\n\r\nTo use this patch, you need skill extension and BreakSave extension.\r\n

BreakSave seems to be translated to another name.


weird how they stole from yeti’s astra and other custom swordmasters yet don’t want the animation to be stolen


But you did just say it…

In regards to that, I thought contacting Yeti seemed appropriate.

I’ve already seen other anims rip Yeti’s astra, and haven’t seen him do anything about it. I assumed he didn’t care.

The animations rip from other custom swordmasters too.

In this particular case, yeti has provided that astra animation for use, but part of its usage is
“as per its inclusion in FEXP astra is CC share alike, which means if you make edits of it anyone can use those edits”

…so that’s part of what is making things problematic here.