[Solved?] FEditor Adv having problems opening ROMs

Sorry if this isn’t a lot of information, but I really have no clue about the nature of this problem.

Simply put, I felt like hacking FE6 one day… and found that FEditor refused to open the ROM. Because I wanted to find out more about what the problem was, I opened the debug output and tried again. It outputted absolutely nothing; it was as if I never selected a ROM to open at all.

It is also probably important to note that the FE6 version was Japanese (not sure why, but a quick bit of research online shows that people seemed to find success opening the ROM, although there were issues with the text editor).

BTW, this is my first post here, but I’ve been stalking for a long time now :dizzy_face:

did you check if the version of Feditor that you’re using can open japanese ROMs? The details are tad fuzzy but I remember trying to open a japanese ROM with an english Feditor in the past and it couldn’t open and I had to find a japanese version of Feditor for it to open.

Hmm… can’t seem to find one.

Then again I’m pretty bad at searching the interwebs.

The files in FEditor say it requires the translation patch.

To copy/paste from FEditor Adv’s FE6 Translation.txt:

"This editor expects the FE 6 ROM to have a tranlsation patch applied to it.

The version used is the version 2.1 patch at RHDN (romhacking.net)."

But I can use it to open FE6(J). It is your problem.
PS: It did remind that “HACKED: CHECKSUM ISN’T ‘544C90E5’”, but it didn’t affect anything. Of course the text editor and the spell animation inserter cannot work.

Did it say that it couldn’t close one or more data streams?

No, it didn’t say anything…
I redownloaded FEditor and it worked, albeit with the “HACKED: CHECKSUM ISN’T ‘544C90E5’” and things, but never mind that. I guess it’s solved?

Yeah, solved.