[Solved][FE7] Merlinus hardcoded face?

So, I’m having an issue. I’m currently implementing a way to skip getting Merlinus for FE7CM, and then I ran into this bug:

It’s probably not immediately apparent so lemme explain. This talk conversation is hardcoded. Merlinus face is not loaded by the typical [OpenFarRight][LoadFace][0xE4][0x01] etc shenanigans, his talk event looks like this:

I wanted to change his face to Anna so I could put in dialogue explaining the mechanics changes to the players, but I have no idea how to change the face.

Alternatively, chapter 14 and chapter 17 both use the same exact prep screen talk event when Merlinus joins, so making a second event for chapter 17 (Where he doesn’t join because you skipped 13x) separate from the chapter 14 event, both using Merlinus would be ideal.

Also, did anyone ever notice this prep screen talk event has three lines of text? I didn’t notice that until today. Neat.

Not sure about the other chapters, but I’m sure you can find them in similar ways by Ctrl+F ing the corresponding text pointers.

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Damn! That IS obscure! Thanks Matt.