[Solved] FE4 Binary patch not working?

I was going to play some Fe4 Binary today, so I opened up LunarIPS and patched a clean Japanese rom of fe4.

I opened it up in snes9x and it didn’t load up, instead gave me yellow text at the bottom of the screen saying:

What’s going on?

Does your rom have a header? I can’t remember if Binary demands a header or not. If your rom’s filesize is 4,194,820 bytes or so, you’ve got a header. Should it be 4,194,316 or around that, the rom lacks a header. Add or remove the header as necessary.

Yeah the readme said it required a header (Which I have no idea what they mean by that).

The file size for the clean rom is 4,194,304 bytes, what do I do from here?

Find a tool that allows you to add or insert a header is the easiest way to do it. Look up SNEStuff, it’s what I use.

(…speaking of which, I’d like to have the Binary patch.)


here’s a link with the files on it

Yeah, all I needed was to use SNEStuff to insert a header and everything works fine. Thanks @Celerity910

You’re welcome!