(Solved) Does anyone have a MIDI for FE4 Chapter 10 theme?

Hello everyone. I’m looking for a MIDI version of the FE4 Chapter 10 player phase theme “Light and Darkness” (like the chapter title). It also has a remix in PoR as “Side Battle” (Trial Map theme) if anyone does have it (appears in Awakening’s Infinite Regalia too, but…I doubt it exists as MIDI).

So, I have looked everywhere but I haven’t found it (vgmusic has ALL phase themes except that!). I even tried to convert it from the SNES, but…it doesn’t sound as well as it could.

So…anyone has it?

Try here? http://disadvantaged.web.fc2.com/fe.html


Yep, here it is! It’s the one called “‘第10章 光と闇と” if anyone is interested. Thanks for your help!

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