Solum that idiot

Hello Feuniverse!

I realize I never introduced myself here.
So yeah it’s Solum, I’m a 22 years old French guy who’s working to become Concept Artist and Illustrator.
I’ve been mostly present in spriting before starting my studies.

(feel free to make fun of my english because I should definitely be better than I am now.)

I know this forum from Arch’s Youtube channel (which led me to Serenes Forest too)
Currently trying to build a little hack. Mostly to entertain myself and play with it. Not sure I will release anything public
for the moment but who knows.
So yeah it’s me!


Your English is actually pretty solid.
Good to have you around!


Bienvenue chez feu mon bon ami!

Bienvenue, camarade!

Were you previously known as Solumbun/Solumbum on any old FE forums?

Uh nope! That’s someone else i’m afraid!

Ahah merci!
Ca sent la solitude tout ça!

je ne vois pas de quoi tu parles


Damn it discourse let me post short messages

hey how’s it hanging

parles mi vous croissant, je suis eiffel tower.

Pretty well and you? (how’s Sugari too?)

still drunk off his ass and shirking his responsibilities