So, Who Actually Played TLP?

Finally, a good community thread.

Names are shown after you vote so you can find out who is and who isn’t cool. :sunglasses:

Did You Play TLP?
  • Yes, and I finished it.
  • Yes, but I didn’t finish it.
  • No, and I don’t plan on doing so.
  • No, but I will.

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Yes, but who actually played Tactics Universe?


Granted it was like last year but…

My interest in hack history has led me to the hack known as Tactics Universe, so yes, I have played it :sunglasses:

Still don’t like it

I wrote a review for it in 2019. I have indeed played the game to completion.

Here it is, for the curious.

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TLP popped off tbh, aside from gameplay in over half of the chapters but like, still. LMAO… I will admit I actually got kind of invested in the characters and story, so the final chapter being essentially a battle quote mine was good for me

I played Tactics Universe, I didn’t finish it though.

I did finish The Last Promise, two times as of now, the first time was vanilla the second time I heavily buffed Leon and the final boss.

I’ve been meaning to finish it, but my army always feels so weak near the end, hitrates are shaky and just getting past the early parts of Chapter 26 is a struggle. Maybe I’ll try a playthrough where I use fewer units so that I’ll have a smaller, stronger army to deal with endgame.

honestly you just need to invest in Kelik, he’s basically a one man army once i reach end game, also support him with the wyvern girl and other dude (i forgor lol) made him super dodgy and hella strong, my tlp end game was basically a one man kelik show

Classic, I think it was the first complete custom rom hack? Big back in the day. I always felt the controversy that came after was v dumb, Blazer was 14 when we made the hack. A lot of us had a Shadow the Hedgehog phase around that time/age, and I think people got too hung up over the writing and overlooked the fact that it was the first complete custom romhack that was out and he did it without all the modern tools available now.
Tactics Universe was cute, I remember the Innes sprite for Seigfried, and Kelik and Gordin(?) both being an Ephraim Splice.

I did play but alway quit at the big map, c24 or something

i never finished post game
how does that count

Pretty sure finished means you beat the final boss of the main game. I don’t think anyone counts post game for considering a game beat.

yes, and we translated it into Chinese.


I was involved in this hack. My character submissions were Ben and Emma. In addition to those two I did the art for Eligor, Ethan and Rex (also forgot the Wyvern Lord you choose between them or Sylmeria), helped with cleaning up and adjusting some of the other portraits (Roarik, Noah and a few others) and created/adjusted some of the class map sprites. Back when it was Tactics Universe the majority of portraits were splices and so the hack suffered a heavy case of Ephraim and Raven clones. As it developed we tried to adjust a lot of the mugs to break away from looking like existing FE characters to help differentiate them all.


As someone who’s working on a project of my own, I owed TLP a full playthrough due to it’s importance and first steps it made for FE fangames, so I beat it from start to finish. It’s a product of its time, but I respect the hell out of it for what it did, especially for when it was made.


You’re likely referring to Leopold.

I’m meaning to play it, but I’ll probably just end up reading the LP in the LP Archive. Does anyone know if there’s a parch for TLP that adds the QoL features that GBA hacking has given us?

TLP was an interesting relic to experience since it was a product of its time. You know, I expected it to be bad but it wasn’t really THAT awful. I still down like Shon though :confused: cringe