So... Hypothetically

So, in a hypothetical case, where Sacred Stones was reversed, and Ephraim, Erika, and Renais was the evil country, plagued by the dark stone, and Lyon and Grado were fighting to stop them, who would the second lord be, in the same vein as the vanilla lord duo?


I’m gonna toss a vote Selena’s way since they set her up to be a Camus. Runners-up are Duessel and Glen.

Natasha and Knoll could be contenders too if we’re willing to reach far enough down the plot importance / nobility hierarchy.


O’Neill. I feel like this is pretty obvious.

“You will be the first to die!”


Innes maybe??? Or peharps one of Grado’s generals or a new character that could be a noble from Grado or another country. Since, outside of the royal families of each country, I don’t remember of any lesser lords like a duke, count or even a marquess.


if this ever gets made O’Neill Must be playable.


This sounds amazing. But imagine if O’Neil was the game’s Jagen.


This will, in fact, happen. He’s gonna be terrible, mind, but playable nonetheless.


Definitely Knoll considering his role in the game’s story and it could really flesh out their relationship with each other and add retroactive tragedy to Knoll not being able to dissuade him from using the dark stone.


O’Neill? Terrible? Heresy.

None, because lyon has no friends.

evil dances away

L’rache ofc!!, though you’d need to shift her into a more combat based class.

Maybe not, actually. Just set her up with a few knights of Rausten and give her a personal staff of some sort and Boom healer lord. Not that that’s what I’m going with, but it’d be cool.

I mean I suppose but it does feel weird to have a lord that can only heal. I think the MC in Pandaphone had that and it felt unnatural for me personally, Cause you’d wanna give exp to the lord but this lord is the only healer for a bit so yea. And a light magic 1st tier mounted class is pretty cool If I do say so myself

Play Last Heavenly Throne and you will understand the power of staff lord


I know you said both Eirika and Epharim were corrupted, but I feel that story would make the most sense if only one was corrupted and the other becomes a lord along with Lyon to stop the corrupted one.

Sounds like FE6 lmao

Does that mean that we could do the oppostie and make Fire Emblem 6 where Roy is the main villain and Guinevere and Zephiel are our lords?

A recent FE6 PME actually ended up with that premise. Narcian is the main lord, with Roy replacing Zephiel lol

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Oh, cool.