Snek GBA, my homebrew game, is complete!

Those of you that have been around for a while might remember my homebrew game, written entirely from scratch in ASM and with Event Assembler tying it all together.


It was even featured in FEE3

I’m here to announce that, after a few months with no updates, I went back and completed the thing by adding sound in!

You can get the complete game here, or check the code if you want to:

The README has a full list of credits and building instructions so be sure to check that!

Here’s a small low quality video showing the sound:



congrats on getting this done, pretty wild what you can do with EA.


Exquisite demonstration of what EA is capable of.

With that said, I hope the FEE3 2018 Curse is finally over and we can see salvaged paladin, item rework etc…


What does the snek say?

Heck-heck-heck-heck heck! Hecky hecky, heck heck heck!

I think “made with devkitpro” may be a better description. I don’t think homebrew needs EA because it is not better than to do all with devkitpro directly. What you do is to replace ld with another linker. I can also replace gcc with clang, replace gas with goldroad, replace ld with armlink, replace gnu make with meson ninja and replace gdb with lldb. However that doesn’t make any essential difference.

No heck sfx 0/10

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