Smooth character turn-around in cutscenes?

This isn’t exactly the biggest problem ever or anything, but I’m wondering if there’s anyway to make a character turn around in a cutscene?
For example, in a cutscene, I have a character walk in from the right side of the screen, but when I have them stop in the place I want them to, I have to erase, and make their portrait reappear in place for them to turn around. The problem here, is that it looks pretty janky. So, I was wondering if there’s any command or workaround that anyone could suggest!

I think it would look worse to have an instant change tbh

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I gotta totally disagree, and it’s one of the reasons I love the LT engine lol. You can have a fade turn or an instant turn. Gotta love that freedom. After playing with LT for so long, fade turning does look pretty weird to me.

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The engine supports portrait swopping to some degree thanks to FE7’s facial expressions. Have you tried making a mirror portrait and switching to that to simulate turning around? The execution sounds pretty jank, but it should work, in theory.

No matter what technique is used, the current is that Portrait must be erased and redrawn.
At this time, there will be a lag of about 1 second.
I think we can consider it as the character taking the action of looking back.
If you really can’t tolerate this, there is no other way but to write your own ASM.