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Hello! I’m Scarlett and I like Fire Emblem lol. I’m just making a small introduction because I’ve been scouring this website for a while for help with my hack(s). My favorite fire emblem is probably Thracia or maybe Echoes, not surprising I’m sure. Sometimes I work on some hacks to pass the time but it’s slowly turning into a hobby lol. One of them is called Helios Saga which I already have a quarter done. I’m wondering to either post it here or work on it a little more. It only has 7 chapters and I kinda feel like it needs some criticism. Well anyways I’m glad to be here! I have some questions for you guys, do you think 7 chapters is enough for a demo hack or should there be more? Well, thanks for having me!


Welcome! Speaking from experience I’d say 7 chapters is a pretty solid length for a first demo. Can’t wait to see it.


Welcome to the forums! And yeah, 7 chapters is pretty solid, I’d say :+1:


Welcome! 7 chapter is plenty, probably on the longer end for a first demo. Anyway, I hope you stick around and have fun.

Also, is that Yuuka Kazami on your pfp?

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Hi! Thanks for welcoming me!
Also yeah, it’s Yuuka lol. Yuuka was always my favorite from Touhou, kinda sad she hasn’t appeared in any of the recent games tho… What’s your favorite character?


Honestly, Yuuka is one of my favorites, and I’m still hopeful for the day she becomes playable again.

My absolute favorite would have to be Renko, who technically isn’t in any games but she’s still part of the official lore, lol. I also really like Reisen, Sanae and Chen.

In any case, glad to see another Touhou fan join the community!

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