Skill sytems and class expansion

I’m using FEBuilder and want to use both skill systems and class expansion, but i can’t write Class expand after getting Skill systems. is there a way to fix that or another patch that does what expansion does?

If you install the latest version of the skills system through FEB, it will automatically install the extended modular patch which includes extended classes


hey thanks,
how do you make new classes?
i thought it would be something like the class editor would have a bunch of blank classes for me to just modify

No problem. First you would want to go to the options in FeB. Somewhere towards the bottom you should see something along the lines of allow extended classes. Toggle that and apply changes. Next, you should see a extend classes button right below the list of map sprites in the class editor. Click that button and tell the program how many classes you want.

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To answer your first question, yes you can do that and it is quite easy.

For the second question, are you talking about a wip of a battle sprite? If so I wouldn’t say it would be low quality. But I would advise you to create a new thread and topic.

Why is my still not showing table `` extended list ‘’?

Because that button needs to be enabled in the option menu of Febuilder. I can’t think exactly where its at right now, but its easy to find.

I have found it. thank you very much!

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