Skill management (forget/add)

So I’ve been digging through the forums for a few hours now and still haven’t figured this out. Is there any in game menu in the skill system for managing skills? I’m trying to figure out if I can have a character have more than 4 learned skills and swap which 4 are active between battles/as new skills are earned.

There is no such menu. Only currently learned skills are saved per unit, there is no way to “equip” 4 as an active skill set.

Alright neat. So what happens when a character learns a 5th skill? Does it just not get learned or does it erase first learned?

if four skills have been learned, you get to choose which skill to remove i believe!

Oh great! If that’s right then there shouldn’t be a problem! I was looking at the cases for discipline/discpline+ and other similar cases so this should work perfectly

Small (and probably unimportant) thing to add. If an enemey were to have more than six skills (personal, class, 4 learned) the enemy will still have all skills enabled despite not showing all of them.

I thought that would eat up too much memory per enemy character for them to do that? Do they have more free space to allocate?

that would be a really terrible idea, if you had six skills already that’d be bloated and confusing enough. having seven and not showing one? that’s insane. you can get around this by having the enemy wield a weapon with a skill, but it’s still insane to have a skill and not give some indication of it.

I don’t think they were suggesting that, just informing that it can happen and to be wary of it

ohhhhhh, i’m dumb :C
if that is a problem, you should put an issue on the skill system master

I’ll try it out when I get a chance and see if it does work that way. I guess if its true it would have to do with the enemy class not being able to forget skills as new ones are learned, and since they aren’t permanent characters it doesn’t have to save the skills for the future or something along those lines

I was thinking about doing that but I don’t that is an issue that would commonly occur. I just happen to run into it because of curiosity.