Skill Ideas (not 2015 edition)

Reply with your own skill ideas
Key: (Cmd) = Command option, selected from the attack/item/trade menu that appears when in range of enemy, initiates attack with skill condition

Frantic Avoid: On enemy phase and when HP < 25%, +40 avo but -50 hit
Frantic Crit: On player phase and when HP < 25%, +60 crit but -50 avo at 1 range, or +20 crit at 2+ range
Gamble (Cmd): 50 hit but guaranteed crit

Chipped Fangs: double lion but with halved attack power.

Oh Yeah!: allows a unit to pass pass through wall tiles.

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I’ve had a few, sure!

Arrest: The unit may Capture any enemy target regardless of Constitution.
I’m not sure whether to flavor this skill’s counterpart/complement as Kidnap or Restraint, though I am digging the contextually-appropriate double-meaning of the second option, but it allows the unit to make Capture attempts without suffering the associated stat penalties, maybe with the stipulation that their Skill must be higher than the enemy’s.

Then there’s also Shatter, the nature of which means it would probably work better as a Combat Art than a proc skill, since you wouldn’t want this to activate without your go-ahead. Shatter completely expends the rest of a weapon’s durability for an extremely strong attack that scales based on how much durability the weapon had left. The calculations on this would probably need to be unusually-complicated for FE in order to result in something balanced. I’m thinking something like…
When using Shatter, “weapon Might = base might x (1 + (2 * current uses / max uses))”, for a maximum of 3x Might when used with a max-durability weapon. That might not be worth sacrificing the whole weapon for, though. At least it would stack with effectiveness multipliers? It could also operate on total attack power instead of weapon might as a way of making it more worthwhile. The initial idea is that it would just add the remaining uses onto the user’s attack power directly, but that would make it way too easy to just nuke things with Bronze and Iron weapons, so I feel it should probably also scale with the weapon’s base power in some way.

haven’t seen any other threads on this topic so forgive me if I echo any ideas that have already been said.

weapon expert: all weapons are 1-2 range for this unit

scale tipping: hit above 50% always hits and hit below 50% always misses for this unit, crits can not be activated.

Focused strike: if this unit waits they gain +5 atk and +15 crit for next turn only, if this unit is hit by an attack while this is active (including the enemy phase of the wait) they lose 5 atk and 15 crit for three turns

stored energy: if this unit doesn’t move this turn its move is doubled for next turn only

negative aura: all units within a five tile radius suffer -20 avoid/crit avoid

positive aura:all units within a five tile radius gain +20 avoid/crit avoid

Oh Yeah! would only make sense on ghostly beings like phantoms, so it would make sense to just call it Ghost

I’ve had a few ideas over the years…

Rushing strike(Cmd): Unit moves 1-2 tiles in a direction and attacks the first enemy in their path with the currently equipped weapon, cannot be triggered if no target is available. -15 hit, cannot crit or double. (This would serve as a way to get extra movement out of your units, i can imagine a halberdier having this as their class skill for example)

Supply chain: If unit can trade with another unit, it can also trade with the units adjacent to them, this can extend up to 3 tiles away.

Switch! (Command): Unit forces an enemy within 1 tile to attack them with their currently equipped weapon, unit cannot counterattack and the enemy cannot crit, the hit is guaranteed to land and after it does the target enemy switches to their next weapon, does not work on bosses. (This would be a great skill to have on a tanky unit, forcing an enemy to swap from a 1-2 range weapon to a 1 range weapon so your archers, mages, etc can attack them safely.)

It was ment to be a kool aid man joke so it’d only be on units with high con. Otherwise it could just make them deal effective damage to walls.

Other ideas I’ve got are.

Slow Start: during the first 2-3 turns then unit has -3 to all stats except HP and Luck but then gains +3 to all stats afterwards.

Sharp Shot: an activated archer attack (like gamble) that lets them hit up to 7 range but they can’t move for an extra turn.

Venomous: all weapons are poisonous and the poison always does 3 damage.

Bounce Back: if a hit reduces you to 5hp or less, restore 20hp once until healed back to full ( probably too hard to actually make work.)

Lucky Charm: add +5 Luck to allies within 4 tiles of the unit.

Sleepwalker: unit can still move while asleep.

I’ll probably end up thinking of more later.

If regulars still had thread retitle permissions, I would have been very tempted to rename this to “IDEA GUY TIME” :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, Koolaid!

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Oh Yeah! being a Kool-Aid Man joke, shouldn’t the function be more like “unit can always destroy breakable walls in just one hit”?

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Honestly there are a few ways it could work.

Primal Rage: When below 75% HP, any damage inflicted/received +4/-2.

Spontaneous Drive: Skill * 1.5 to counter before foe initiate and deal 50%
more damage. Extra damage is only applied to the first strike.

Skillful Counter: When the foe initiate, apply their skill amount to
your crit chance.

Fearful Encounter: After any combat with this, inflict -3 spd/def

Draining Blow: When this unit initiate combat, gain 20% HP. (essentially weaker 3H skill)

Flickering Light: Skill% to add foe’s magic +5 to damage dealt.

Flashing Aura: Skill% to add half of foe’s magic and strength to damage dealt.

Time for some more that would probably be really hard to actually make.

Blasphemy: all users light tomes are considered dark tomes for weapon triangle.

Bloodlust: +1 damage for every kill, resets to 0 if if you don’t attack every turn.

Pickpocket: functionally just steal but only steals 200-400 gold.

Book Burner: always deals 2x effective damage to mages.

Slow Go: +7 STR/MAG/SPD but -1 move.

I’m on a Goat: Allows a mounted unit to climb peak tiles.

Shattering Blow: if attacking with a weapon with 1 durability either +10 damage or +50 crit (make that last hit something fierce)

Monster Master: when using the summon command (depending on preference) summon either a Greater Bael, Deathgoyle, or Wight with decent stats.

Lone Faithful: if not other light tome users are deployed +7 damage.

Magic Triad: if deployed along with two other owners of this skill +3 spd +3 def/res and +4 damage.

i guess i can add a few more too then!

Lay on hands: When rescuing an ally, that unit recovers 30% of their max health at the end of every turn.

Acidic blow: When initiating combat, your first attack reduces 3 durability of the target 's weapon, cannot reduce it below 1.

Gold digger: When defeating an enemy, gain gold equal to their max hp + Your luck*2

Tree Cutter (Axe only)

Effective damage on Forrest Terrain. Turns avoid and defense bonuses into Avoid and defense penalties.

Would work better as a combat art, but can work as a skill as well

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