Should we use tags on FEU?

I’ve gone through and tagged some of the recent topics to give people a sense of how tagging works/looks. What do you guys think? Is the functionality useful?

  • Yes
  • No

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All users are able to assign tags to their topics. Users with a trust level of 3 or higher can create new tags.

P.S. Sorry for all the “Arch edited your topic” notifications.

I voted yes, and then immediately changed my vote. These tags are really distracting. I used to read topic titles, now the dumb little words look bad under all the titles and keep grabbing my eyesight.

IF the tags were shoved off to the far right, I’d like them. IF they weren’t but they were in little boxes or something that set them apart from topic titles, I wouldn’t mind them. IF they weren’t visible at all unless you were searching for keywords or looked inside a thread, I wouldn’t mind them. But none of these are true, and they look ugly ATM.

Alternately, at the least do what SF does and change their color and make them much less prominent and visible.

I’m turning them off, because I agree that they are quite distracting and take up too much space.

Screencap for people to reference:

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Worth pointing out that the Tag system is relatively pointless in Discourse anyway. We already have related topics via common keywords inside the messages in those topics, so Tags seem really redundant.

I wonder if we could just turn off the tags on the main index altogether…

Some of the sorting is useful - the music tag was looking pretty good, and being able to filter by Category + Tag is also nice.

I’d be more inclined to support keeping the tags if it looked like this:

Yeah like I said, if they were off to the side then I wouldn’t care.

I think the only thing I don’t like about relying on this is if I mention the word “music” in here, it will come up in a full-forum search, which when you’re trying to link a series of tutorials and resources together is not particularly helpful.