Should pegasi be vulnerable to rapiers?

Since pegasi are technically horses, kinda like how it works in awakening. Any thoughts on it?

Probably not, as pegasus knights already are generally easy to kill thanks to low defence, especially if there is an axe user. Cavaliers and knights are made destroyable by rapiers as a gameplay option, not a physically logical one. These 2 classes will have weapon triangle advantage and appear frequently as bosses in order to promote lord usage.

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I mean… why not? I don’t think it matters that much unless rapiers aren’t lord locked like three houses or something.

But I don’t see a reason to nerf enemy pegasi more considering archers exist and unless it’s fe8 there are nomads that are actually good archers.

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In my personal hacks I’ve started adding Pegasus units to the same weapon effeteness table as the horse slayers and such so I suppose yes? I guess

I don’t see a reason for it. Pegasus are classified as a flying unit and not a cavalry unit thus immune against the cavalry/armor effectiveness of a rapier

Ture, but pegasus are horses so it would make a little sense for at least a horseslayer to do effective damage. Let’s face it, archers are known not to finish off their targets, especially FE7 double effectiveness.

Worth mentioning BwdYeti made Pegasi into Horses/Fliers while wyverns were Fliers/Dragons, and thus they’re weak against anything that targets those things.

Not necessarily something I’d do, but it’s worth mentioning someone has done it, so there’s definitely a precedent.

Technically I think they should be weak to Rapiers since they are horses, but idk it just seems weird to add it. Like they already have so many other weaknesses: low def, flier, bows, wind magic. That adding another is just overkill imo.

Meanwhile in my hack I made Wyverns count as armored units because of their scales and whatnot. So in a slight deviation what do we think of wyverns being counted as an armor unit?

I would say no just because there are already so many classes with mounted weaknesses (Cav/Paladin, Great Knight, Mage Knight, Ranger, etc.). This also doesn’t really make the rapier much better since you’re still fighting at WTD unless you give Pegasus Knights swords or something. But at the end of the day, you can do whatever you want with effective weapons as long as it’s clear to the player.

Also, @ArcaneEli having another class weak to armorslayers sounds good since the only classes normally affected are Armor Knights and their promotions. Wyverns are a good choice for that too since they’re generally one of the toughest units to fight in the series.

Given that the majority consensus is that mounts are often far too busted in the games, I feel like it 100% makes sense to make every type of mount have more weaknesses to weapon types and special weapons? Especially if you don’t plot-lock things like Rapiers to nobility and widen the existing pool of potential options to deal effective damage against targets.

In my eyes, it would make more sense to take effectiveness away from horses than to add them to pegasi If we were to aim for pure consistency. Like, what would a rapier even do against the flying things? Thrust holes into their wings like Arrows would? Seems kinda hard to actually land those hits.

Not really if you think about the physics in the movement. If counter attacks occurred simultaneously then both a horse or pegasus would be skewered during the counter.

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while I get what you’re trying to say you are forgetting about horseslayers
how’s this more effective against horses specifically

image big so I'm locking it in hide details jail

than this?

big image too big

That is why I said we should take horseeffectiveness away, if anything. But I agree with the point jackofblades makes, so I am dropping the argument.