Should Lords Recive more EXP per battles and kills?

Hello there, cactus here. For those who don’t know, Power Class is what defines the capabilities of a unit to gain EXP in a specific formula for this.

When a class is fighting a unit who’s Power Class is higher, they recieve a bonus on EXP, like Thiefs and Valkyries for example.

The Trainee class is the only class to have this number set to 1, meaning the massive EXP gains they recieve per battle (33 if their level is 1, 66 if they kill at level 1).

Something unusual with the lords is that they’re flexible, and that’s good because it’s boring to have a solo weapon locked lord (at least in rom hacks) or a Mary Sue / Gary Stu that just says in every dialog “Let them come to us” and proceeds to start a Massacre.

But should they recieve more EXP than other class do? Equal to the Trainees?
Their class power is 3 and the Trainee class fights against classes who’s power class is 3.

Should lords recieve such bonus EXP? Or come at high level but not even equal of power than the Pre-promoted unit has?


It depends on what that Lord character is supposed to be in comparison to their allies.
Marth is essentially a trained soldier on equal footing with his allies, so he makes sense to gain the same amount. Alm is much stronger than his initial villager friends (and most of the cast), so he should in theory gain less. Eirika or Roy are probably the only candidates that you could argue are less experienced than their allies and thus should be receiving more.

Tl; dr:
Lord > most allies = less exp
Lord = most allies = same exp
Lord < most allies = more exp


IMO Lords should start off slightly stronger then their allies, and grow into a monster. Not like Robin / Brithright Ryoma / Sigurd levels of soloing the map. But strong enough they can handle alot of different situations.

The ONLY way I feel like lords should get more exp is Shadow Dragon / FE1 Marth. Because only marth can visit, get chests and end the chapter he spends alot of his time just running around and not really fighting. So bonus EXP is good to help him keep up.

I feel like there’s no scenario where the main character should get less. Getting less then everyone else, as a required unit feels bad and I don’t think would ever feel good for the player.

=-= tl;dr
same exp, or bonus exp is it’s like FE1 where MC does LITERALLY everything.
never less exp, it’s not fun.


Im not sure why lords would need an experience boost since theyre mostly stronger than the rest of the cast already and by default available on every chapter.